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Camera captures the exact moment a woman lost her phone on a roller coaster

Those photos taken on roller coasters are usually a total rip off, but this hilarious minute is a definite exception.

Redditor bald-e-gal and his girlfriend went to Cedar Park on Friday to hit up some of the park’s incredible rides. Regrettably, misfortune resulted while the couple rode one of the coasters.

Bald-e-gal’s girlfriend lost her phone while journeying the Magnum XL2 00.

When the couple looked at the photo of themselves snapped by the coaster cam, they noticed it picked up the exact instant gravitation stole the phone.

Take this as a gentle reminder to always procure your belongings when riding a coaster that makes a max speed of 72 mph.

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Amazon just launched an Instagram clone to help you find cool stuff to buy

Image: Sean Gallup/ Getty Images

Amazon has launched a social network … of sorts.

The online shopping giant’s latest app feature, called Amazon Spark, is an Instagram-like feed of shoppable photos posted by Prime members. Users can react to the content with “smiles”( Amazon’s version of a “like”) and statement or tap an icon incorporated within the photo to visit the product pages of its consideration of this agenda item being discussed.

Most of the posts resemble those of any other social network. There’s news stories, updates about people’s periods and random reflections. The only change is that each of the sentiments is usually tied in some way to one or more Amazon products.

Posts are organized into categories like “books, ” “humor, ” and “camping”most of which match Amazon’s product classificationand users can filter what they visualize according to their interests.

The feed seems to be Amazon’s latest stab at bolstering a problem that’s never been the company’s strong suit: “discoverability.”f That’s the industry’s jargon-y style of saying that where a corporation aims to be a so-called “everything store, ” it can be hard for customers to simply browse the virtual aisles or find products they didn’t know they were looking for among a sometimes overwhelming sea of options.

Amazon’s launched a few other recent efforts towards this end, including a curated part within its app called “Interesting finds” and a programme designed that helps influencers set up their own storages within the site for a commission.

It likewise arrives as massive digital platforms like Facebook( and Facebook-owned Instagram) and Google are expending heavily in finding ways to drive people to shop on their sites. As you might expect, the transition between browsing Spark posts and actually buying what the hell is feature got a lot smoother than that of other social network’s “buy” buttons, which serve the same intent.

That ease is one of the reasons that analysts consider Amazon’s recent moves to boost its relatively small ad business a serious threat to the online ads duopoly of Facebook and Google. People are increasingly turning to Amazon’s search, rather than Google, when they want to research products and that could be a big problem for Google.

Amazon Spark may just be a novelty feature within its app for now, but it represents the increasing emphasis the company is now placing on the sharing, product research, and breakthrough the members of the browse experience.

Amazon Spark is currently only available on mobile( you can find it in the “programs and features” part of the app) and while everyone can browse the feed, simply Prime honourable members can post.

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