250W Inverter 250 Watt 220V/230V Volt Solar Power Inverter Grid Tie Inverter Pure Sine Wave Inverter CE WV230 190-252VAC


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250 Watt 220V/230VAC Version MPPT Microinverter


Note: If your place is remote, there will be a extra cost.

Content Included


1 Microinverter

1 35cm power cable

1 Bag screws

1 English manual

System Block Diagram & Application




In order to achieve higher power, we can use this inverter in stack. For example: 10 pcs of 260W grid tie inverter used in stack can achieve 2600W. And the stacking number is unlimited.




Single-Phase & Three-Phase Electrical Schematics
  • Please install the inverters according to the user manual and connnet the groud safety.
  • Forbid openning the shell with non-professional person ,only qualified maintenance person can repair the product .
  • The inverter should be installed in the low humidity and well ventilated place,and remove the flammable things surrounding the inverter for avoiding overheating .
  • Avoid children play when the inverter is working.
  • Ensure the DC input and AC output when connect with PV.
  • The Vmp and Voc of PV should be fuit for the prodcut for get output max.
Why Is The Micro Inverter
  • The transition from a centralized to a distributed inverter optimizes energy collection.
  • The converter module integrated into the solar panels can reduce installation costs.
  • Soft switch technology to replace hard-switching technology can improve efficiency and reduce heat dissipation.
  • From cottage industry to mass production, standardized design (hardware and software) to improve reliability and reduce costs.
  • Using a special capacitor (due to the high failure rate). Design requires a higher voltage to reduce the current, we use a special electrolytic capacitors.
  • The converter can be connected to the grid to eliminate the need for many battery applications. The high price of batteries, require maintenance, life expectancy is shorter.
  • Work required micro-inverter power increasingly smaller (only a few hundred watts), which can reduce the internal temperature and improve reliability.
  • Micro-inverter solar inverter system needs to deal with a lot of a particular power level, in order to increase production, thereby reducing costs.
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