TC-X LED 2017 Car Headlights Kit H7 H8/H11 H1 HB3/9005 HB4/9006 H3 880 35W 7000lm Auto Front Headlamp 6000K Car Styling Lighting


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Turbo Cooling Protection Technoligy Anti-Dazzel Optical Beam

Diamond White 6000k LED Chips enhance the brightness of original halogen H7 H8/H11 H1 HB3/9005 HB4/9006 H3 880/H27 H4 Hi/Lo driving beam passing beam fog lamp from factory with clear vision and save driving condition




Constant Wattage Output Brightness 35W 3500Lm/bulb

H1 H3 880: 1.8A/12V

H7 H11 9006 9005: 2.5A/12V

H4 Hi/Lo: 2.5A/12V(Hi), 2.3A/12V

(Note: Current has +-0.2A difference)






Built in Turn Fan 12000r/min

High-efficient cooling system, less noise

12000rpm frequency can keep the lighting system working under 40-50 Celsius.

The life service is up to 30000 hours with reducing damage to your car and LED headlight


Slim LED Driver Design

with thermal included component, it can control the speed of fan to play option heat protection and cooling performance, with EMC function, make installation no interference on radio for most of car models


T1-H11_09 All size-1 All size-2-1Lumen&Power-1 T1-H11_11 T1-H11_12

IP68 Waterproof

 Anti-water function makes it can be used in foggy or raining condition


T1-H11_13 T1-H11-RU_14 T1-H11-RU_03 T1-H7_16_01 T1-H11-RU_16_02

Choose the right bulb model to order according to the bulb from factory,contact us if you are not sure which one is correct.

Purchasing Attention

1. This LED light is not workable for Jeep Model,contact our Service Center for right model.

2. This LED is only partly error free, not fully canbus. If your car model requires canbus fully,

please EMC decoder together. please contact our service center if any question.

3. For led H1 or H7,it needs adapter for some cars like Kia3, Focus 3 etc. 

Please check with your original bulb (halogen/HID) from factory 

if there is extra adatper to fasten it. Contact us before order if you are not sure.

4. If you have HID lens, please buy seriously as the lighting effect might be less brighter

than HID bulb due to lower lumen output.


Who We Are

Originally founded by a team who have great passion for tuning in China, TC-X® LED has quickly gained a reputation for producing the highest performing, longest lasting lights on the market. By staying up-to-date on the very latest LED developments and utilizing the most cutting-edge technology, TC-X® LED is able to produce LED headlights, light bars, work lights, and accessories that are often a full two years ahead of the competition.


What We Can Do for You

We provide our customers with bright, quality light that lasts for a long time. Our LED Lights have an average life span of 30,000- 50,000 hours. Whether you are planning to head off-road in your truck or you need a light to mount on an ATV, SUV, Truck, Tractor or Motorcycle or Boat, TC-X® LED is sure to have exactly what you need. Plus, all our products are durable-providing long-lasting illumination that you can count on having when you need it most.TCX-ABOUT-US_03Our Benefits

TC-X® LED lights:

  • Ensure visibility in dark, hard-to-see areas
  • Are highly durable and built to withstand rough terrain
  • Long lasting – average life span of our lights is 50,000 hours
  • Resistant to water and other harsh weather conditions
  • Install quickly and easily
  • Look great wherever they are placed
  • Are backed by industry leading customer suppor



    Our Commitment
  • As our slogan, light up your way like a pro. At TC-X® LED, we understand the needs and concerns of today’s vehicle owners and will work closely with you to ensure you have a light that meets all of your needs. To help ensure your needs are met, we offer superior customer service and a unique dedication to putting customers first in every aspect of our business. Your satisfaction is our No.1 priority


If you have any other questions or confusion, welcome to contact our service center by message!

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