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My workout: Towards the end of a race, your legs are on fire

Jim Brown, 16, on the stimulates and spills of has become a way cyclist

I live in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire; the Team GB cyclist Ed Clancy lives only down the road. Before London 2012 Id watch him out on the roads when I was going. A few a few weeks later, he was acquiring an Olympic gold medal. I remember watching it on Tv and thinking, I want to do that. My papa was a keen track cyclist already and took me along to the Manchester velodrome with him. Three years later “were in” hastening against each other.

There are lots of different events on the way, from the scratching hasten to the Madison. I specialise in the points hasten: theres a sprint every five laps and you accrue parts by either placing in the four largest in a sprint or lapping the entire environment. Theres a lot to be considered not easy when the adrenaline is flowing and youre leading at 45 mph.

Riding inside a velodrome is very different from cycling on the road. The ways have incredibly steep backs, known as the banking. When youre at the top, youre almost horizontal I saw it a bit unnerving at first. In assumption, youre only going in a straight line, but it never get boring. Youre always at the limit of how hard you can go, always strategy your next move. You have to concentrate; theres a lot that can go wrong, especially as the motorcycles dont have brakes you can only slow down by pushing back against the pedals or fluctuating up the banking.

People often think of cyclists as being scrawny, but youve got to be quite muscly to be a way rider. My thighs are pretty big compared with most of your best friend. In a parts hasten, youve got to be able to sprint as hard-handed as you are able to, rest for five laps, then sprint, over and over again. Toward the end, your legs are on fire.

I love going on the way, and my papa desires that Ive got into it. We compete in the same league every Friday. I frequently do better Im first overall and hes third but sometimes hell still hit me. Its just nice to be able to hasten alongside him.

My weekend workout

How often do you go ? Six hours a week, between the road, the way and the stationary indoor turbo trainer.
How many races have you won ? Ive lost count.
Favourite pre-race snack ? Im a big follower of my mums pasta with tomato sauce and mozzarella.

Five ways to get started

1 Track cycling is more accessible than ever. There are six indoor velodromes in the UK( Glasgow, Manchester, Derby, London, Newport and Calshot) and outdoor ways, very. Find your nearest at

2 You cant go your regular street or passenger bicycle on a way, but most velodromes will have motorcycles for hire. Outdoor ways often have a fraternities attached which will give motorcycles to fledglings, furnish a funding network and improve organize your training.

3 Track bikes have a single, specified paraphernalium( you are able to grow the pedals in both directions, but cant freewheel) and no brakes. To stop, you simply pedal more gradually until you come to a standstill.

4 Track decorum is similar to driving on the roads. The convening is to pass on the right, always taking care before changing direction. Appear over your shoulder, then signal which style you want to move by flicking your elbow.

5 Dont be intimidated by the dominance and rapidity of jocks at the Olympics. Every velodrome has a way league, so you compete against parties of a similar level.

Phil West, technical director at Revolution Series

Essential gear

Lavoro way bicycle, 649.99, Hoy Senko jersey, 110, Keirin mitt, 17.99,

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Colorado Lawmaker Believes Gay Demons Are Taking Over Ad Execs

One month after its liberate, a Zales Jewelers vacation ad boasting a same-sex couple have continued infuriate moral panic-enthusiasts the right-wing conservative army.

One Million Moms, which has worked itself up over everything from Ellen DeGeneres to Chobani yogurt in years past, slammed the ad for “subjecting families to the disintegrate of lessons and values” last-place month. Now, a Colorado state representative is following suit, underlining the fact that the television and advertising administrations who made the clip are is in possession of demons.

Gordon Klingenschmitt, who was elected to the Colorado House of Representative in 2014, realise the eyebrow-raising affirm in the Dec. 7 installment of his “Pray In Jesus Name” radio program, Right Wing Watch reports. Zales Jewelers, he remarked, should be using their business to promote “godly marriage and biblical values, ” but have opted otherwise by means of a same-sex couple in their ad. The blame, however, lies in the mitts of a “demonic spirit.”

“In fact, it is a devilish flavor not only inside of the lesbian couple who are pretending to get married on this Tv commercial-grade, ” he remarked, “but now influencing and decree in the very heart of the ad administrations who have decided at Zales Jewelers that they should promote this as a good situation to all of America.”

Arguing that Zales execs are “deceivers” who are “fooling the American world, ” Klingenschmitt added, “We need to uncover that as wrong.”

Sadly, the statements are in line with Klingenschmitt’s history of anti-LGBTQ testimonies. Last-place time, he blasted the Boy scout of America for “thumbing their nose at God” when the organization face-lift a controversial banning on openly gay adult participants or, in his statements, promoting “homosexual soldiers to mentoring and camping with your boys.”

Is the ad really worthy of this brouhaha? Watch below and choose for yourself.

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