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Hillary Clinton just magnificently trolled Donald Trump on Twitter

Twitter 2017: Trump VS Clinton
Image: mashable composite: Ian MacNicol/ getty images and Chip Somodevilla/ getty images

Hillary Clinton only @’d Donald Trump on Twitter and it’s about to go down.

On Wednesday night, over ten several months after winning the Presidential Election, Donald Trump decided to bash his former adversary Hillary Clinton on Twitter.

But ohhhhh boy was she prepared to fire back.

Just one day after Clinton’s campaign memoir What Happened was published , Trump wrote to his adherents: “Crooked Hillary Clinton blames everybody( and every thing) but herself for her election loss. She lost the debates and lost her direction! “

In her book, Clinton “was talkin about a” everyone from Trump to former FBI Director James Comey, explaining minutes from the campaign she wishes she could “go back and do over.” The timing of Trump’s tweet stimulated it sound like had read the book — though he apparently doesn’t read — and was offering a critique, so naturally, Hill was quick to offer him feedback.

“If you didn’t like that volume, try this one — some good lessons in here about cooperating with each other to solve problems, ” Clinton tweeted at Trump.

She attached a photograph of her inspirational 1996 volume, It Takes a Village — which depicts her hope for the bright future of children in America — and thoughtfully said, “Happy to send a copy.”

Fans responded to Clinton’s tweet with praise, and after making it some thought have concluded that It Takes A Village is probably far better suited for Trump. After all, it has depicts and not too many words.

You might want to think twice about tweeting at Clinton from now on, Trump. Because if you actually read her volume you’d know she’s done holding back.

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25 awesome pins to prove that your soul belongs to food

We. Love. Food.

There is no denying this point. From food’s humble dawns as something we all need to survive, it has developed into something that pretty much countings as a hobby now, whether it’s dining it, inducing it, or taking photographs of it.

Luckily for us, there are all sorts of ways we can display our love of nutrient, from clothing to cute supplements. And here we’ve developed a schedule of some of best available nutrient rods you can purchase on the internet. Why? Because rods are making a huge comeback. And we are only debated how nutrient is likely the best part of 2017, nutrient and dogs.

So please, enjoy these small enamel versions of some food items we all love.

1. Sriracha hot sauce pin

Image: strange ways

No other flavoring has a more heartfelt and dedicated fanbase than sriracha. If you adore it, you are ride or succumb. You throw it on everything, because nutrient without sriracha doesn’t even count as nutrient. You buy cookbooks that revolve around employing sriracha as the main ingredient. And now you can proudly display it at all times with this pin, so people know exactly what they’re getting into when they sit down with you for dinner.

Price: $8.99

2. Crinkle cut fry pin

Image: my metal hand

Why are fries so good? We’re sure there’s a exceedingly technical provide answers to that interrogate, but we don’t really care that much, to be honest. We just want to keep dining those fries, ended with that sweet dash of ketchup.

Price: $11

3. Doritos pin

Image: HeatherBuchanan/ etsy

Don’t lie the garbage chip of our childhood is often still the garbage chip that you reach for. Doritos become route back for pretty much all of us. The only question that remains is whether you are squad Nacho Cheese or squad Cool Ranch. This pin is clearly squad cheese, so ranch tribes should just impede scrolling.

Price:$ 9

4. Top ramen pin

Image: GiantRobotStore/ etsy

Who doesn’t have a fond remember of Top Ramen? Whether it was the hip snack you snack dry and still in the package in institution or the only stuff you could yield to eat in college, instantaneous ramen fills a special neighbourhood in everyone’s hearts and recollections. We are forever appreciative for you, ramen.

Price:$ 7

5. Pizza pin

Image: WildflowerandCompany/ etsy

You had a feeling that you’d find pizza on this list, didn’t you? Of course you would. We’re not in matters of disappointing our readers. Pizza is life .

Price: $9.50

6. Pierogi pin

Image: HappylandPrintShop/ etsy

Many cultures have foods where something is wrap in dough and then either fried, broiled, or boiled. And “were not going” complaining. Frankly, all of those different versions of dumplings are delicious and they each deserve a pin, like this cute pierogi pin here.

Price: $6.15

7. Tostada pin

Image: minimalust

You better believe that all the most popular Mexican bowls have their own enamel pin just waiting for Mexican food admirers to pick up and put on. This one is of the delicious tostada, and you know it’s anatomically accurate because it was obliged in collaboration with a restaurant that serves tostadas.

Price: $10

8. Nachos pin

Image: P& C Poolside

Bar food, ballgame nutrient, appetizer nutrient, nutrient nutrient. Nachos fit all of the previous categories, and they are delicious. If you have a anger for dipping tortilla chippings in melted cheese, this is the pin for you.

Price: $10

9. Taco pin

Image: poquito

Everyone has one friend who is obsessed with acquire and dining best available taco in the world. You know the one. Contribute this taco pin to that acquaintance and respond, “I just detected best available taco in the world. Now you own it.” Hopefully that will get them to stop obsessively speak about tacos.

Price: $10

10. Pho pin

Image: towne9/ etsy

Pho is one of “the worlds largest” slaking foods to consume. There’s nothing fairly like a large steaming bowl of delicious broth and noodles, exfoliating your look while simultaneously filling your person up with good warmness. Pho doesn’t feel fairly the same in pin kind, but at the least you’ll be reminded of what it’s actually like every time you look at it.

Price: $10

11. Sarawak laksa pin

Image: PinIntended/ etsy

Sarawak laksa is a noodle food from Malaysia, one that Anthony Bourdain is obsessed with. He famously put it on a list of foods he find people “need and deserve.” But his opinion isn’t what matters here, yours is. If you too adore Sarawak laksa, get yourself one of these pins.

Price: $6.50

12. Sushi omakase pin gave


Wawawawa/ etsy

When you eat sushi, you can’t eat just one. You crave lots of sushi. You crave the whole menu of sushi. You crave the entire omakase. This pin prepared takes that exact approach, because having just one portion of sushi is dumb.

Price: $40

13. Bacon hotcakes pin

Image: the midnight society

If you adore hotcakes, bacon, and Adventure Time , this is the perfect pin for you and Ron Swanson.

Price: $10

14. Chicken and waffles pin prepared

Image: minimalust

Chicken and waffles are the steeple of weird nutrient combos disappeared absolutely right, so right in fact that there’s the clich about going together like chicken and waffles. That’s exactly what this pin prepared is an issue of. We think you’re supposed to keep one and give the other to the person who is your other half, but you can also just impede both because why not.

Price: $14

15. Fried egg pin

Image: ChooplHandmade/ etsy

The simple, humbleness of the fried egg often goes unnoticed and under-appreciated. But it genuinely deserves more. A staple of brunches, sandwiches, ramen, and burgers everywhere, use this pin to indicate your respect for the revered ex-serviceman of the nutrient world.

Price: $5.98

16. Pickle pin

Image: Moguless/ etsy

Pickles have contributed much to the nutrient world. No sandwich experiences complete without one. Burger detect most dynamic when they are included. You too can add some salty juiciness to your outfit with this pickle pin.

Price:$ 8P TAGEND

17. Artichoke pin

Image: poquito

Just to prove that there’s possibly a pin for everything out there in the world, here’s an artichoke pin, perfect for those who love artichoke pizza and artichoke hearts.

Price: $12

18. Avocado pin

Image: pinkyellowmx/ etsy

The search for the perfect avocado pin is about as illusive as the search for best available avocado toast. Luckily, we think we’ve detected it with this beautiful enamel pin, capturing all the allure we find and adoration we feel for this singular nutrient item.

Price: $10.08

19. Beet pin

Image: shinyapplestudio/ etsy

You can’t have births and Battlestar Galactica in your life without the beets. Celebrate this fine vegetable with this equally fine pin. Instead, the committee is also does the perfect present for the Dwight Schrute in your life.

Price: $10

20. Chipwich pin

Image: Krystan saint cat

The only thing better than an ice cream cookie sandwich is an ice cream cookie sandwich that’s contained within chocolate chippings. And this pin has got you covered.

Price: $10

21. Disney ice cream pin

Image: kill ’em with cuteness

Ice cream bars is not simply are appetizing, they search appetizing. This pin captures that deliciousness with a Disney flare, creating to sentiment the unique detect of ambling through a theme park, carefree and ice creamed.

Price:$ 9

22. ‘Smores pin

Image: fairgoods/ etsy

We owe whoever developed the delicious combo of graham crackers, melted marshmallow, and chocolate a huge favor, because s’mores are one of the greatest desserts, whether you are actually camping or not. So wear it on your shirt, “whether youre” camping or not.

Price:$ 9

23. Glitter ringpop pin

Image: sugar doll club

One of best available sugar furors of our past is the ring daddy. What better route to consume portable sugar safely and fashionably? Real reverberate pas are hard to come by nowadays, but you can immortalize your love of them forever with these sparkly rods from this UK-based company.

Price: Around$ 9

24. Orange mocha frappuccino pin

Image: blue ruin co

This particular pin has us a bit mystified. While it looks exactly such as those Starbucks frappuccinos that forces know and adore, it also has an orange on the beaker where the Starbucks logo would go. The call of the pin tells us that this frappuccino has a orange mocha flavor, which doesn’t ten-strike us as particularly appetizing. But, with all this being said, the pin is still cute and it can be seen as a stand-in for specialty frappuccinos everywhere.

Price:$ 7

25. Bubble tea pin

Image: P& C Poolside

Bubble( boba) tea is a liquid that has almost a religion following. Formerly you’re hooked, you’re hooked and there are plenty of bubble tea shops out there to slake your thirst, offering a wide variety of styles and flavors. With this enamel pin, you can take a little bubble tea with you wherever you go. Nothing seems better than that.

Price: $10

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