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Hillary Clinton says she struggled after election loss, but yoga, wine helped

Hillary Clinton “ve opened” about her failed presidential campaign, how she managed losing to a reality TV superstar, and what that nighttime was really like when she went in expecting to be the first female American chairman.

In a CBS Sunday Morning interview with anchor Jane Pauley( Clinton taped the segment Friday at her New York home ), Clinton appeared back at the past 10 months and shared some inside view of the campaign against Donald Trump.

Since the election, and with a book coming out this week detailing about what happened, Clinton made clear in the Sunday interview that she’s done operating for public agency. “I am done being a candidate, ” she said. But she’s not done with politics, she assured.

Clinton “was talkin about a” the night and days after “shes lost”.

Late on election nighttime after recognizing this is not just running as expected, she called Trump to concede and then she called President Obama. “I felt like I had let everybody down, ” she said.

“I felt like I had let everybody down.”

After an unexpected loss, she admits that she hadn’t prepared for this scenario. “I had not drafted a concession speech, ” she said with a sad laughter. “I had been working on a succes speech.”

As to how she dealt with the enormous political blow, she cleaned, took plenty of long strolls in the timbers, and detected the benefits of yogic breathing.

“Off I went into a delirium of closet clean and long strolls in the lumbers, and playing with my puppies, and yoga — alternative nostril breathing, which I highly recommend — trying to tranquilize myself down. And, you are familiar with, my fair share of chardonnay.”

Despite the gags about how she coped, she acknowledges she truly fought: “I couldn’t feel, I couldn’t belief. I was just gobsmacked, wiped out.”

Looking back at the election, Clinton again called Trump a creep and talked about practice sessions to develop for Trump “scowling and leering” at her at the second debate — right after the “grab them by the pussy” Access Hollywood tapes leaked.

After remaining relatively quiet about her personal take on the campaign, with the book came to see you now we’re hearing a lot more of the details straight from Clinton. The interview is embedded above.

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Hillary Clinton just magnificently trolled Donald Trump on Twitter

Twitter 2017: Trump VS Clinton
Image: mashable composite: Ian MacNicol/ getty images and Chip Somodevilla/ getty images

Hillary Clinton only @’d Donald Trump on Twitter and it’s about to go down.

On Wednesday night, over ten several months after winning the Presidential Election, Donald Trump decided to bash his former adversary Hillary Clinton on Twitter.

But ohhhhh boy was she prepared to fire back.

Just one day after Clinton’s campaign memoir What Happened was published , Trump wrote to his adherents: “Crooked Hillary Clinton blames everybody( and every thing) but herself for her election loss. She lost the debates and lost her direction! “

In her book, Clinton “was talkin about a” everyone from Trump to former FBI Director James Comey, explaining minutes from the campaign she wishes she could “go back and do over.” The timing of Trump’s tweet stimulated it sound like had read the book — though he apparently doesn’t read — and was offering a critique, so naturally, Hill was quick to offer him feedback.

“If you didn’t like that volume, try this one — some good lessons in here about cooperating with each other to solve problems, ” Clinton tweeted at Trump.

She attached a photograph of her inspirational 1996 volume, It Takes a Village — which depicts her hope for the bright future of children in America — and thoughtfully said, “Happy to send a copy.”

Fans responded to Clinton’s tweet with praise, and after making it some thought have concluded that It Takes A Village is probably far better suited for Trump. After all, it has depicts and not too many words.

You might want to think twice about tweeting at Clinton from now on, Trump. Because if you actually read her volume you’d know she’s done holding back.

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