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Hillary Clinton just magnificently trolled Donald Trump on Twitter

Twitter 2017: Trump VS Clinton
Image: mashable composite: Ian MacNicol/ getty images and Chip Somodevilla/ getty images

Hillary Clinton only @’d Donald Trump on Twitter and it’s about to go down.

On Wednesday night, over ten several months after winning the Presidential Election, Donald Trump decided to bash his former adversary Hillary Clinton on Twitter.

But ohhhhh boy was she prepared to fire back.

Just one day after Clinton’s campaign memoir What Happened was published , Trump wrote to his adherents: “Crooked Hillary Clinton blames everybody( and every thing) but herself for her election loss. She lost the debates and lost her direction! “

In her book, Clinton “was talkin about a” everyone from Trump to former FBI Director James Comey, explaining minutes from the campaign she wishes she could “go back and do over.” The timing of Trump’s tweet stimulated it sound like had read the book — though he apparently doesn’t read — and was offering a critique, so naturally, Hill was quick to offer him feedback.

“If you didn’t like that volume, try this one — some good lessons in here about cooperating with each other to solve problems, ” Clinton tweeted at Trump.

She attached a photograph of her inspirational 1996 volume, It Takes a Village — which depicts her hope for the bright future of children in America — and thoughtfully said, “Happy to send a copy.”

Fans responded to Clinton’s tweet with praise, and after making it some thought have concluded that It Takes A Village is probably far better suited for Trump. After all, it has depicts and not too many words.

You might want to think twice about tweeting at Clinton from now on, Trump. Because if you actually read her volume you’d know she’s done holding back.

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Guy Casually Solves Rubik’s Cube With His Eyes Closed And Twitter Is Very Shook

Do you believe in magic? No, I’m not referring to the sorcery in a young girl’s nerve I’m talking about the magicfound in the New York City subway system. Yes, it exists, and a seemingly magical guyon the metro demonstrated it by casually solving a Rubik’s Cubewith his eyes closed.

See the mystify video below.

What kind of sorcery is this? I can scarcely solve one side of the Rubik’s Cube with my eyes, under a magnifying glass, employing a YouTube tutorial. This dudehas some serious talent.

Twitter user @Shelserkin posted the impressive video to Twitter on July 25, and the post has already amassed over 6,000 likes, almost 3,00 retweets, and countless hysterical comments. People are shook, to say the least.

Wonder what his power level is.

Definitely omega level.

This is an actual superhero.

He’s clearly more of a genius than Tony Stark himself.

This guy is super, know what I’m

LOL, very smart reference.

NYC subway riders really are jaded. How do you not pay attention to him?

I was envisioning the same thing. I would’ve tried get his autograph.

What if God was one of us? Just a stranger on the bus?

Twitter user @NawazH37is questioning the shocking video’s legitimacy.

You can obviously determine the video is not edited, and if it is, they did a good occupation editing.

My only question is, why didn’t anyone get his contact information? A talent like his needs to be featured on proves likeor

Maybe someone can find The Rubik’s Guy( yes, I only committed him that epithet) and give him his very own web series where he solves the cube in random places with his eyes closed like on a surf board, or while skydiving.

Or maybe someone can interview The Rubik’s Guy and find out if he is an alien, because his sorcery is out of this world. You gotta enjoy the internet.

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