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15 Popular Travel Destinations You Should Avoid In The Summer

Summer is undoubtedly a popular day for Americans to traveling. With kids out of school and agency environs a little more relaxed, it seems only natural to use your vacation periods and get out of town.

But the big question is: Where should you go? Patently, the possibilities are endless, but there are also certain places you might not want to visit between June and August. Most major European cities, for example, are overwhelmingly mobbed in the summer, and many establishments shut down in August as locals leave town. And traveling in certain areas of Asia can be less than ideal, thanks to very high temperatures and humidity degrees.

HuffPost asked some travelling experts for recommendations of where not to go in the summer — and when they would suggest visiting those places instead.


“Summer is the high season for the French capital, with expensive hotel rooms, tons of tourists and ridiculously long lines to museums. March and October are better hours to go. The weather may be a bit colder but the lines are much shorter! If you’re looking for old-world European glamour, art and culture in the summer, go to Vienna instead. Bonus: You can take a tram to the many wineries that surround the city.” — Jessica van Dop, travel media specialist and blogger at The Dining Traveler

John Sones Singing Bowl Media via Getty Images
The Louvre in Paris can be packed during summer months.


“I lived in Thailand for two years, and from May/ June to October, the weather would change drastically. It would rain every day for hours to the point that inundating illustrations would be seen all over my Facebook. Small island developing — Koh Phi Phi, Koh Tao and Phuket — are very popular traveling destinations, and they receive the worst rainwater during those months. I had a lot of family members and friends try to visit me during American summertime, and I invested a lot of those visits apologizing for the climate because it affected our plans. A great time to visit Thailand is November to February. It is known to be their wintertime and high season for travelers. It has perfect beach weather and lots of open activities to do on the sea. However, I have also been Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia during those rainy season months and the rain didn’t result or interrupt any of my plans.” — Tosin Idowu, lecturer and travelling vlogger


“If you’re traveling with kids and crave a peaceful beach, countries of the south of Ibiza is not a great choice. I would recommend going in May or September. You’ll have lovely weather and the beaches to yourself.” — Laura Hall, director of communications at Kid& Coe, a family-friendly vacation rental service

Bertrand Gardel via Getty Images
Benniras beach on Ibiza during summer.

Southern Africa

“Visiting much of Africa will result in similar weather year-round if you stay close to the equator, but if you are thinking of visiting southern Africa, recollect they have opposite seasons, so our wintertime is their summertime. You do not want to explore Cape Town wearing a parka, so save a visit to southern Africa for December to March, their summer.” — Jessica Nabongo, founder of shop travelling agency Jet Black and travelling blogger at The Catch Me If You Can


“Venice, Italy gets very, really busy. Any hour after September, it’s a lot less crowded and you’ll have the canals to yourself” — Hall

And Pretty Much The Rest Of Italy

“Ferragosto( which comes from’ Festivals of Emperor Augustus’) is the Italian holiday on Aug. 15 of each year, coinciding with the Assumption of Mary, a Roman Catholic holiday. Many households and enterprises close up store and head to the mountains or beaches for fun and summer hot succor. You’ll find several restaurants closed, even in big cities like Rome . … August welcomes firing hot temperatures throughout Italy. If you are sensitive to the heat, it is not an ideal time to go. I would recommend May or October, which are filled with great spring and return festivals, milder temperatures and less sightseers. December and January are recommended for those who favor colder temperatures and Christmas markets. February is great for’ Carnival Collectors, ’ since many carnival galas are held in cities and villages throughout the boot.” — Lisa Vogele, a traveling consultant, author and blogger


“Tempting as it may sound to lay eyes on the Taj Mahal over your summertime vacation, withstand the advise! Summer in India, which lasts from April until June, can be noted scorching temperatures of more than 40 degrees Celsius( 104 degrees Fahrenheit) — not the best climate for jostling with hundreds of other sightseers as touts try to component you and your fund. After June, the monsoon season begins, raining until September or so. Though a little bit cooler than summertime, torrential downpour and sticky humidity aren’t the best parts for an idyllic summer vacation. Instead of sweating it out at the Taj in summer, schedule your Indian adventure in October or November. An detonation of greenery follows the monsoon, and temperatures will drop back down to a balmy 25 to 30 degrees Celsius( 77 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit ). The Taj Mahal is beautiful all year-round, but you’ll appreciate it much more if you don’t have to wipe a cascade of sweat from your eyes to see it.” — Alex Reynolds, travelling blogger at Lost With Purpose

somchaisom via Getty Images


“If you’re craving a little bit of beach time, Miami may come on top of your list. Nonetheless, the hot balmy climate may not be as fun, even the sea is tepid in the summer months! Instead go to Puerto Rico. Small island developing requires guests more than ever after suffered by Hurricane Maria. You have gorgeous beaches with a nice Caribbean breeze. If you’re more of a mountain person, head to the center of the island and explore the many local hiking trails, with a position of the ocean.” — van Dop

Scottish Highlands

“If you’re plan a summer vacation in the Highlands of Scotland, make sure you go prepared. The Scottish midge season is at its altitude in July and August, so you’ll need to keep skin embraced and wear insect repellant to avoid being bitten. Or, alternatively, you are able visit in September or October, when the changing colour of the trees adds to the beauty of the backdrop, and the midges are not so vicious.” — Sally Akins, travel and food blogger


“Andalucia’s charm is well-known all over “the worlds”. Passionate flamenco dancings, mouth-watering tapas and warm sunny days — those are the main factors that attract people to visit Seville, the seductive capital of Andalucia. Moreover, Seville strikes with jaw-dropping architecture, the purposes of the Moorish affect in the region, and a pure Spanish heart. Not to mention those lovely orange trees on the streets. However, in order to enjoy your Andalucian fairy tale, do not go there in summer. In July and August, the temperature hits 104 degrees Fahrenheit and might make serious health repercussions. Instead, visit Seville in spring or autumn for the best experience.” — Evelina Radoycheva, traveling blogger at Little Big Traveler

alvarez via Getty Images
Seville in Andalucia, an autonomous area in southern Spain, can be over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer.

Martha’s Vineyard

“I have always found that tourist-filled Martha’s Vineyard is much, much better in September. The water is warmer! That’s true-life for Nantucket and the Cape. These periods the closing-up date is always Columbus Day in early October, when a final mini-surge of guests is guaranteed.” — Max Hartshorne, editor of the travel website GoNOMAD.com

South, Southeast and East Asia

“South, Southeast and East Asia is certainly be off your list for summertime unless you are a glutton for temperatures that reach above 100 degrees, coupled with humidity of above 80 percent. The best time to visit these regions are early fall and late spring.” — Nabongo


“It gets very hot and very busy. Visit in spring or autumn for sunny days but cooler nights — and a little bit of elbow room in the bazaars to yourself.” — Hall

Thomas Dressler via Getty Images
A traditional marketplace in Marrakesh, Morocco.


“Amsterdam is another overcrowded European city during the summer months. The locals( I have a lot of friends in Amsterdam) try to escape the madness that the summer brings. If you still want the Dutch experience, stay in Rotterdam. This modem Dutch city is the perfect place for the fans of modern architectural with masterpieces such as the Markthal and Erasmus Bridge.” — van Dop


“Far enough away from Cancun keep forgetting about the multitudes of sightseers, Tulum exemplifies a back-to-basics ethos, with a real’ no shoes , no problem’ kind of vibe. There’s a lot to love about this little part of paradise. From the perfection of the pristine beaches to the hotels, restaurants and saloons, everything in Tulum radiates a certain boho-rustic( yet improbably chic) vibe, which defines the culture of this beautifully free-spirited community. All of this being said, Tulum is best enjoyed from October to February, just when you’re up to your knees in snowfall and in need of a little vitamin D. We suggest avoiding a visit during the summer months when the heat can( at times) become unbearable and the tropical climate is most unpredictable.” — Molly McCorkle, senior editor of AHotelLife.com

Quotes ought to have softly edited.

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