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20+ Times Bosses Did Something So Stupid It Instantly Made Their Workers Quit Or Lose Will To Work

If you have insured the movie ‘Horrible Bosses’ you know there is only so much an employee is willing to endure from a bad employer. Sure, most people aren’t resorting to murder plots, but they will walk out of the door.

For those of you who don’t know the pain of bad management, consider yourself extremely lucky, because it is an experience almost all of us go through at least once. The moments where you sit and think, “I don’t get paid enough to put up with this shit.” It’s so common in fact there is even a Reddit thread asking the question “What’s something your employer did that instantaneously killed employee morale? “

Perhaps you’ve had the boss who made fake wage and promotion promises only to screw everyone over or the boss who destroyed and source of workplace morale( come along let the people have their snacks !). Well the people in the narratives below know exactly how you feel, some even decided enough was enough and cease. Scroll down below for some outrageous boss horror narratives and don’t forget to upvote your favs!

# 1

My wife was let go after she announced her pregnancy to her director, and approximately when she would need maternity leave. She was told that they’d instead replace her than deal with a pregnant employee and all that goes with that.

A well worded letter from out lawyer get her one year’s severance, and two years medical coverage for her and the baby.

# 2

Banned smart phones in the break room to force us to talk to one another and build camaraderie.
Ends up we didn’t like each other that much.

# 3

A manager once explained it to me….”everything needs to be organized, labeled, and free of clutter. That route if you’re replaced the next person can take over without missing a step.”

She was replaced the next day. The irony wasn’t lost on me.

# 4

I work in a very quiet dull office with no vending machines or drink machines. We have a water cooler and the branch manager’s old coffee maker from the 90 ‘s as the coffee for the entire office( 30+ people ).

My friend and coworker “Sue” took it upon herself to stock a filing cabinet with treats for when people forgot breakfast or lunch. Sue did this on her own fund and included items such as oatmeal, nuts, crackers, soups, all great stuff. She just asked you put a quarter in a cup when you took something. Remember, we have no vending machine. To buy food you’d have to drive to buy it as we’re in the suburbs.

Our branch manager decided that too many people were distracted by going to her filing cabinet and get snacks so he told her to remove all of it. We still do not have a vending machine.

: ‘(

# 5

Boss Pitched a sales incentive trip-up to Cancun if the team hit the goal. My squad surpassed the goal, and then they cancelled the trip. 2 people cease, I accepted a position with their main competitor, and less than a year later, they closed in insolvency. Karmas a beach.

# 6

New principal came in. It was like he forgot what being a teacher is like … he made us sub constantly on our plan periods instead of getting around to calling a sub. If we weren’t subbing, he would come into our rooms as we worked on plan day things and go over ridiculous things that could have better been sent in an email. He fired the lunch supervisor and constructed us supervise lunch. Then he started giving us a hard time about utilizing the bathroom between classes because if we were in the bathroom, who is supervising the halls?

It boiled down to us working before and past contract hours with zero breaks. No bathroom. No lunch time( you can’t eat and supervise ). I went off on him one day because he accosted me for going to the bathroom. I went to the bathroom to change my tampon. I waved a spare tampon around in the hallway in front of God and students and told him I’d had enough of this and if he had time to drive to McDonalds for lunch( he had a fry box in his hands) I could be spared two minutes of supervision to change a tampon.

To add insult to injury, the staff banded together and we documented these things to get him fired. The next person comes in and decides that action of creating unity with the staff needed to be dismantled so she changed where all our rooms were and in most cases what we taught( regardless of our certification ). I quit. I couldn’t take it anymore. Kids are my number one in teaching and when a school dissolves into politics and policeman sh* t nonsense it only isn’t worth it to me. I could get treated like sh* t in any profession and probably get paid more.

# 7

Small business. 20 employees +/ -. Boss made a big speech about austerity measures and no raises this year. A week and a half later he drives up in a brand new Silverado with all the bells and whistles. Expensed to the business of course. He would hate to have to pay taxes on those earnings. One of the less subtle members of the staff took a literal sh* t in front of his office door.

# 8

I worked at a family owned marketplace that was well known and loved by locals. The owners were a lovely couple that took care of their employees and would bend over backwards for their clients. They were very active in the community and highly respected. They had a few core employees and would hire on temp faculty during the summer and vacations. The temps were mostly highschoolers and college children that were home on violate. They would bring back the same people as long as they could and the children would try to stay as long as they could. The pay was well above market for those stances, we could shop the and get a 75% discount, after six months you got two weeks paid vacation, and the owners would close the store a couple days a year and host a party for all of the employees. It was the best task any highschooler in the area could get. I lived right next to the store and my parents were friends with the owners so I was given a job there. All my friends were jealous.

After working there for a few years, the couple decided they wanted to retire to spend time with their daughter and her children in another state. Many tears were shed and they had a huge retirement party where they introduced their son to everyone and told us he was taking over. They gushed about his prestigious business education and background.

As soon as they were gone, the son decided he was going to remake the store in his image. He fired basically all the staff, most of whom that had been there for 10 to 15+ years. He then staffed the whole place with homeschool kids and junkies. He cut the discounts and vacations. He hired some old highschool friends to manage the place so he could take the profits to go party and get coked out.

The shop went from having the same faculty for years to having to retrain an entirely new staff every other month. No one wanted to stay. Directors were reporting perfectly good product as damaged and taking it home. Shelves sat empty. Locals stopped shopping there. The place became a corpse of what it had been. The original owners had enough of their friends complain to them about their son that they came back for a short time and tried to make it right, but it was too late. Their original staff had all moved on and vendors had stopped doing business with the store. They decided to close the store, sell the property, and move away permanently. Last I heard, the son was in trouble with the IRS and his wife divorced him when she found him banging a stripper.

# 9

During the 2016 election cycle my boss told us if we didn’t vote for( a particular candidate) we would be fired. I’m still lying about how I filled out that ballot. It’s not that I didn’t already know the kind of person she is but it reaffirmed my belief that the biggest threat I personally face is the forceful nature of extremists.

PS – It doesn’t matter what side she or I was on. Threatening someone’s livelihood over personal beliefs is appalling.


Former teacher. The administrators at my school were usually fairly chill, but had a habit of randomly coming up with minor regulations that they would enforce for us( male teachers had to wear ties even on jeans day, etc .). Overall it wasn’t bad, except for the time an administrator made a crucial blunder … they banned staff from drinking coffee in front of students.

Now if you’ve never worked in a school, you’d think this isn’t a big deal. When you spend virtually 100% of your day in front of students, it definitely is a big deal.

First we tried to find any loophole we could. Energy beverages? Banned the next week. Tea? Banned two days later. It was chaos.

Eventually, we realized they couldn’t flame an entire school’s worth of teachers and aides, so we objective up doing the one thing that private schools fear most: we formed a union.

Realistically, it was more of a weird pseudo-union focused specifically on civil disobedience regarding the coffee issue, but it ruffled feathers nonetheless. The administrators caved to our “demands”, allowed us to drink coffee again, and even bought each of us a reusable coffee mug as a gesture of goodwill.

And that’s the story of how a handful of school administrators almost accidentally created a teachers union over a complete non-issue.

Fired the girl who was in her third trimester of pregnancy three days before her maternity leave was to start.


I was one of a large number of programmers working on a project at CSC. We had a deadline coming up in a couple months and they over-promised to the client and then asked us all to work extra hard to meet the deadline, and asked us to work 50+ hour weeks. Which we did – and then some: some of us put in 70 -8 0 hour weeks to satisfy this deadline.

But once that deadline was met, suddenly there was another deadline they needed to meet. And another. People got tired, had lives to lead, and scaled back on their hours. Most of us were still working 50 -6 0 hours a week, but not a lot more than that.

Once they realised we weren’t killing ourselves on their project any longer, there was an All Hands meeting where the managers told us that they were incredibly disappointed in our lack of professionalism because so comparatively few employees were now working more than fifty hours a week.

One of our harder workers stood up and said, “Look, I have three children. I’m driving an hour into and out of work every day, I’m taking care of my family, I’m trying to get presents for Christmas, write out Christmas cards, decorate and clean the house for everyone we’re having over for the holidays – I’m having a really hard time only getting to fifty.”

And the manager looked at her and sneered, “If it wasn’t Christmas, it’d be because it’s Easter, or Memorial Day, or because it’s summertime and it’s nice out. You’d always have some excuse.”

There was dead stillnes in the room.

When we left that meeting, we didn’t talk to each other, but every single worker on that project put in precisely fifty hours a week after that.

Then came Christmas – raise and bonus day! Every worker on the project got a 1/2 percent raise; the managers got a five-figure bonus. We were pissed.

For management, the pain came after Christmas. First week off the year, four programmers had better tasks lined up and cease. Three more the following week. Five the next. We hemorrhaged 3-5 programmers every single week for over three months. It got to the phase where the managers had to schedule a meeting every Monday at eleven to discuss that week’s resignations and rearrange the surviving staff.

F* ck CSC


She actively tried to ban friendships. If co-workers became friendly she would schedule them so they would NEVER insure each other. “You’re here to work! Not to socialise! “

She also banned everyone from coming into the workplace when they were not working.

It was a pub. She banned socialising in a pub.

She became insanely paranoid when she learned four people were in a WhatsApp group. She said the only reason people who work together set up group chats is because they wanted to talk trash about her. She was actually kind of right


Company consisted of something like 1,200 employees at the time, and rented out a big conference center for a Christmas party. At the opening of the party, the CFO was giving opening remarks, and asked – expecting cheers – if everyone liked their Christmas bonuses.

He got booed.

See, of that 1,200 people, a bit over a thousand were in customer service. No one in customer service got bonuses, only people in the ‘corporate’ departments get bonuses. And our awesome CFO decided to rub everyone’s snouts in it, because clearly the Chief Financial Officer of a company would have no idea that 80%+ of his company didn’t get bonuses.

At the same party, the CEO made an announcement that the company would be closed on friday( Christmas that year was on a Thursday ), and everyone got a day off. Now, he had literally just finished making a speech about how everyone was important, and everyone was part of the company , no matter the department. He had shoveled sh* t hard, trying to make CS happier.

The next day, we all got a memoranda that Customer Service still had to work on that Friday. We apparently didn’t count as ‘everyone, ‘ and the CEO merely hadn’t realized that the announcement wouldn’t apply to anyone.

January considered a 60% attrition rate.


One of our CAD drafters had to get brain surgery last year. He got through it with no issues and has been working since with the occasional physician meeting. He’s not necessarily the fastest employee, but he gets the job done and I haven’t noticed a difference before and after.

Last week, during a meeting, our boss said to him, “…ever since your surgery you haven’t been as capable, I can’t trust this project to you.” I have wanted to quit for a while, and this pushed me overboard.


My boss is looking to retire in the next 3-4 years. He told everyone that he wanted us to come up our visions for the company and it’s future over the next 5, 10, 20 years.

We’re a small office of about a half dozen people but we’ve been growing and so everyone brought up growth projections and succession planning once he retires, etc.

His son is the heir apparent and has a precocious 8 year old so in my 20 year version I even included the grandson joining the business and grooming it to become a legacy company.

My boss went last and we were expecting something acknowledging some of our thoughts or at the least an expression of appreciation that the company he founded would live on well past his retirement, be in good hands, etc.

Instead it was brutal and short. It was something along the lines of “I do everything around here anyway so I should just sell the company to fund my retirement and you can all find other companies to work for in a few years.”

Mood killed. Fulfilling ended.


Had a boss everyone loved, then she got transferred to another store and the new guy that replaced her decided the schedule that we’d all gotten used to needed to be “shaken up”. He posted the next week schedule that was completely different than it had been under the previous director, got a bunch of complaints from people saying they can’t work x days or y times and it SEEMED he was receptive since he took that schedule down. Then abruptly BAM, he only reposted the same exact schedule and said f* ck everyone.

Oh, we had some people calling in sick from time to time under the old manager, but this new director has pretty much half his crew every single day calling out because of his sh* tty tactics.

Here’s the first thing to learn about being a good manager…you don’t need to “shake things up” for people to be better workers. You don’t need to “put your mark” on anything if it’s working just fine the route it was.


I work in a big corporate building. The same older lady came by everyone’s desk towards the end of the day to collect the trash. Just the sweetest dame ever and every time she’d walking to my desk she’d give me a big smile and ask me how my day was and chat for a minute as she got my trash( usually I’d dump it in for her ). I had some rough days but she has a way to cheer me up and send me home on a higher note. I know I’m not the only one either.

So then a few weeks back our work implemented a new policy to ‘cut down on trash usage’. It’s no longer allowed to have a trash bin at our desk and we have to walk across the room and use the community trash to throw anything away. Not a huge deal but the real reason they did it is so they can cut down on expense … ie the clean crew.

Sad to say that I haven’t assured Sharon since.


This school wanted to switch to Chromebooks. So what did they do? One summer while teachers weren’t working, they removed every single Windows station and replaced them with Chromebooks to be issued to teachers. They were told to “figure it out”.

When teachers came up and asked how they could teach Photoshop, programming, AutoCAD 3d modeling, etc ., admin basically googled their program name plus “Chromebook extension” and told them “see? There’s an extension for it and it works! ” I don’t believe I have to add that it did not work.

They objective up bringing back the desktops for most teachers.


Try working in IT. That attitude is just the standard state of being.

It’s a chore where if you work absolutely perfectly, you’re totally invisible and only appear on the radar when something f* cks up.

Just a few weeks ago we did a major office move. My department worked back to back 12 -1 8 hour days to get everything moved over, which we managed with less half a day’s down time( and we were moving the company’s main data center ).

By the end of the final weekend after carrying 30+ servers( plus taxi) up four narratives, re-cabling 200+ desks and literally moving trucks worth of gear I got home and my legs only wouldn’t work any more. I still have the blisters on my feet from walking about 30 miles in two days…and I was still at my desk at 7am the next day to run around the office fixing teething issues.

Then, a few days ago the country chief got the whole office together to thank everyone for their hard work. He had a stack of envelopes with ‘thank you’ card APS5 0 vouchers in them. Everyone who volunteered to help with the move got one…including the people who ‘volunteered’ to have an early snoop around the new office, spent 30 minutes on site and did precisely f* ck all.

You know who didn’t get a mention, or an envelope? Anyone in IT. The people who were there working unpaid overtime until 2am for weeks.

They banned phones, electronics, puzzles, books, etc. from being used at your desk. I work at a call centre. We were expected to just sit and wait for the next call to come in “distraction-free”, even if it was a super slow day.


I discovered keylogging spyware on my computer. My bosses had installed it and we’re tracking/ reading everything I did.


Put up a poster that said “Complaining is like vomitting. You feel better but everyone around you feels sick.”. The morale was already bad but it was just a sh* tty way to take a hit at upset employees rather than do anything positive.


Business had been running for three years and many of the employees had been there from the beginning without get a pay rise.

After some requests the company announced that there would be a review of everyone’s pay. Called in each worker to discuss.

Basically they had decided to pay every employee the same amount. This meant that a few got a raise, most stayed the same, and some( who had negotiated better at hiring) had their wages reduced.

Needless to say most employees were unhappy.

Two weeks later the three brothers who owned the business bought themselves two new automobiles and a second hand Rolls Royce.

That was a real slap in the face.


In a very short span of day, they changed everyone’s 401 K plan( for worse) and then implemented an office wide cleanliness policy. No eating at your desk. Merely 3 personal items on your desk. Everything labeled. No items other than your keyboard, mouse, and monitors on your desk at the end of the day.

Talk about pissed off. You could feel the gloom when you walked in. Everyone’s give-a-sh* tter broke at once.


I worked for a small environmental consulting business a few years ago. We relied heavily on the work utes to function well so we could do our tasks( driving around rough terrain and such ). The utes were old and tired, and broke down a lot. More than once I was stuck in the middle of nowhere trying to spontaneously learn to become a mechanic to get myself home. I understood it was a small business, and the boss was just trying to make ends meet and it didn’t make sense for us to have all the latest and greatest equipment and vehicles, but when his wife drove into work one morning with a brand new BMW when our tools of trade were falling apart, that kinda killed it for me.


held a super positive, pep rally style company wide meeting about how they were going to start combining our sick days with our vacation days and now only call them ‘PTO.’ This was presented to us as a great thing, since we could all now use our PTO days fully as vacation days if we wanted to. Once the system was implemented, everyone realized that instead of getting 10 vacation days and 10 sick days per year, we now all had 15 PTO days. Everyone was pissed.


Told a bunch of people they were going to be promoted to get us to do extra work , no one got promoted. I basically did her job for a month. Me and three of my co-workers cease and she got fired a few months later.


Was a

told offa

for not sitting straight forward enough at my desk as it looked like from afar I was tilted to the side slightly and managers would think I was talking to my colleagues next to me instead of waiting for the phone to ring. Ia

m 5ft 10, sitting forward at all times is uncomfortable I like to cross my legs..

We used to work as a team to make sure we had enough cover-up that allowed us to go on our 15 minute break with a colleague, this was banned and we had to go alone at all days even when there were 8-12 people covering on the phones and we havena

t had a call for 20 minutes.

Our a


came 2nd in a award ceremony for customer service, this award was for excellent feed back in regards to the service our team provided on the phones and on site. The managers and supervisors are never on the phones and principally do a

reporting and auditing a

The managers and supervisors were all taken for an all expenses paid dinner, drinks and hotel stay to celebrate, this was kept a secret from the actual staff who had done the work! I merely found out when I find some images on a directors desk.

We were awarded with 6 pizzas to spilt between us..


My department banned earbuds/ headphones. Now that we can hear how loud the rest of the office is, productivity AND morale have tanked.

Once upon a time I worked for a media investment group. One year we all get Christmas cards in the mail. Problem was, they weren’t addressed to us by name, but by employee number.

Employee 273051
44 West Main Street
Corporatedeathville, US 11111


While working at a sporting goods store, I had a supervisor offer me a managerial stance. He talked it up by saying I’d have new responsibilities and chores. That I’d be able to delegate jobs to other employees while I focused on my new work.

Me: “Cool…What’s the pay? ” Him: “Well, we wouldn’t be able to give you a salary increase.” Me: So I’d be doing a lot more with the same pay? Him: Yeah, you’d have more responsibilities! Me: “No.”


It was a one two punch.

The company broad meeting announced the promotion of several high level management and executives( mostly title and responsibility changes ). Lots of smiles and handshakes , not unlike a college graduation ceremony.

After these promotion announcements, they declared that due to the stagnant economy and poor sales, the entire company would be experiencing a pay freeze as a result. So , no raises for anyone.

They then concluded the meeting by discontinuing “Casual Fridays.” So , no more jeans on Friday.

It almost felt like it was designed to construct people want to quit and leave. It worked though, I and many others moved on to greener pastures within the year.


Old folks home kitchen. Perhaps 20 staff members. Boss declared we were too happy and made a new set of rules:

Adeg there was to be absolutely no talking, laughing or jokes. The kitchen was to be silent because we were “distracting ourselves from work”

Adeganyone working less then 9 or 10 hour shiftings were prohibited bathroom breakings. Going to the bathroom on a shifting with less then 9 or 10 hours was a fireable offense. Permitted Bathroom breakings could not be on the clock. Your lunch must be used to use the bathroom. Lunch transgress were 15 minutes long.

Adegany communication with management was seen as inappropriate. Staff and management were to be kept separate at all times.( A director f* cked a staff member and it made a big deal. That’s why this was made)

Adegyou will not be paid overtime but will be expected to work. If you are to clock out by 8p m but are still needed you must clock out then return to work. Grievances to HR or labor board are fireable offenses. Yes people complained. Yes the place was investigated.

Ex boss was sued. Lost. Morale dropped. They have a hard time maintaining employees now and from what I heard most of the new employees are high school students. Ex boss announced a sudden retirement for the end of the year and the kitchen will be taken over by all new people.

I jumped ship early on. Do NOT miss the place.


In a company of 6 people, proprietor said in a meeting with everyone that his 2 sales guys are irreplaceable and that the rest of us are “just paper pushers


I worked at a club in Miami and the owner was out of his f* cking intellect( years of drug abuse ).. when the housing marketplace crashed obviously people were expending far less going out but he insisted we were all steal. We had meetings once a week with all kinds of threats. Ultimately he put in an automatic pour system for 50 k +, it basically looks like you’re pouring drinks from a soda gun, super boring. The fun vibe and panache we had was entirely gone which made sales drop-off even more. He ripped the system out two weeks later.


Large factory( Not Unionized ). Each department clocks in at a different place, principally that department’s breakroom. My department clocked in across the facility from the main entryway, which meant it took about 15 minutes to walk from the front doorway to where you clocked in and out at, and another 5 to walking from that entryway to the parking lot. There was a side exit that we would use, however, that literally cut that walk down from 20 minutes to 3, since our department was right next to the parking lot.

Management decided that ALL employees must enter and exit through the SAME DOOR. Which meant we had to walk all the way down to the main entrance and then back around to our cars.

There was so much insurrection from the employees in our department that they had to bar the door shut with 2 x 4’s. Jokes on them, even unionized employees can be a pain in the ass. We contacted the flame marshall, who upon ensure a fire exit barricaded, penalty the company 8,000$

We still were not “allowed” to enter through this door, but they stopped trying to stop us.


Installing solar for a really sketchy northern irish dude who turned out to be a local drug manufacturer. Boss ran away with APS2 5000 of the clients money and left us on site wholly unaware of what just happened, still on the roof. We only found out about the clusterf* ck when said scary irish guy brings all his goons in to threaten us and our families unless we recovered the money, trapped us there for hours before we defused the situation.


Firing half the staff for no reason other than to “clean house” when new management caused the other half to leave as well. You wouldn’t think it possible for a hotel to go out of business in less than 2 months but lo and behold it did just that.


Gave a regular customer a$ 2 discount off his usual order( he was moving& this would be his last time dinning there, this was the first time he’s ever gotten a discount) My boss proceeds to flip out on me, said I was self-righteous, stealing from her, and I was “the reason her business was failing” and took the money out of my paycheck. Nobody used coupons/ devoted a discount for the next few days. They were all scared.

I grabbed my paycheck& put in my two weeks the day after.

My current task we had a kid out of a very prestigious Ivy League school. He was highly bright but a complete asshole. He would talk back to managers and ask them where we went to school and say he could do their jobs in his sleep. He proceeded to tell HR after eight months that unless he could do only FP and A and pick his own schedule- he would cease. He also demanded to construct 70 k as a first year…

Management bought it. He works for the CFO now and while he is extremely bright this f* cker walkings out of busy season coming in at 10 am leaving at 4. While we work 12 hour days- I like my company but that constructs me mad. Eat a d* ck Brian


I told the hiring manager that I was disappointed in one of his hires because he knew literally NOTHING about our chore and asked him “doesn’t that cheapen my knowledge and expertise? “

His response: “Well, let’s be honest, you chore doesn’t really need all that, does it? “

There were four other people my level, with differing fields of expertise, at that meeting, and it get real quiet after that.


To cut costs, they started a policy that only certain departments had internet access – it basically started a class system that bred resentment across departments, and caused an exodus from the non-internet teams.


Sh* t like that kills me.

I was an engineering intern at a factory owned by a German company, but located in the US South. It happened to be the summer of the World Cup and US-Germany were playing on like a Thursday.

The factory had engineers, fabricators, and line workers. The engineers worked on long term timelines, but the fabricators and the line workers had weekly quotas. In general the line out performed quota( they were based on orders and the line could out pace the orders if needed ). So normally the line reached the weekly quota by sometime late Thursday or early Friday.

The engineering interns brought up that we wanted to watch part of the game during our lunch transgres on the big projector in one of the conference rooms. The HR guy in charge of scheduling the room ran with the idea and ordered pizza for the entire mill to sit and watch the game.

Thursday comes and the line is on pace to finish quota that afternoon( so had Friday to work extra/ cut off early ). The whole mill staff shows up to watch the game, eat food, and relax for a bit. Morale is high as a bunch of East Tennessee folk are hooting and hollering over a soccer match of all things.

Out of nowhere the plant manager saunters by and says a

I thought we were here to worka

. Room was empty in about 100 seconds. The interns were all pissed and hid in the warehouse watching the second half on one of our phones. F* ck that guy


Started firing people by lining two up at a time and assuring which one they prefer to keep on. Didn’t matter if you were there for 20 years or 2. Also hiring management from outside and not promoting within which means the new directors have no knowledge of anything that company does in terms of ethics, procedures, or employee status. It has turned this ‘clique’ type environment into every person for themselves. Very toxic.


Restructuring bonuses every month because employees were hitting the bonuses…despite the company constructing near a million in revenue a month.


My company stopped devoting bonuses, lowered the Christmas bonus and doesn’t devote raises. Yet somehow our company can afford to have TWO private jets, yet always talking about how broke we are.


One of our senior employees asked for a raise because it had been a few years since he had had one and he was doing a great job. Management reviewed his file, realise they could pay one of the new guys half of the salary of experienced guy, fired senior guy, promoted junior dude. They weren’t aware of the warehouse dynamic and soon found out that no one liked or wanted to work for or with junior guy, morale dropped a lot. A week later, senior guy committed suicide. Once the warehouse was informed/ invited to the funeral, morale reaaalllly dropped and eventually junior guy became so ineffective trying to run the store that he was fired and the next senior guy just kind of took over without management doing anything about it everything began to run as it had before senior guy was fired.


Worked as a cleanser for dentist offices as a second chore. Boss sent her boyfriend to come pick up her check and then the very next day( pay day) she apparently ‘went on vacation for a week’ and didn’t bother to pay any of her employees. She lost a lot of workers when she came back from vacation.


I was working in a restaurant that switched from fast food to half full service, so I would refill water, bus dishes, etc, but clients would order food at the counter and carry the tray to their table. Once we switched, clients would occasionally leave tips-off out on the tables for us which was awesome since we were doing twice as much work with no pay raise, but then the manager put signs on all the tables saying “no tipping”. Maybe it had something to do with taxes or payroll, I don’t know, but at the time it merely felt like huge d* ck move…

At a company broad meeting( 45 people) called the employees an expense, did not come off well at all. Two people actually stood up and threatened to quit on the spot if the boss didn’t reevaluate his statement and could explain what was wrong with it.
And he made it pretty clear by tone of voice and overall feel that he only thought of the employees as an expenditure and not at resource, that yes costs money, but also is the reason the company actually earns money as well. And if he could he would do it all by himself to save on the expenses of having employees. We are talking about engineers with years, some examples decades, of experience, and he thought he could replace them if merely he had the time. That’s what the b* tching was about.


Telling employees that they are going to fire you if you don’t make more sales. Then when someone quits tell them naww that was just motive. We were never going to fire you.


Worked at a Insurance company that focused on processing applications and underwriting. Less than a few months into them having mass hiring and site opening they implemented “quiet hours”. Twice a day( once in morning and other in afternoon) for 3 hour blocks you were not allowed to talk to other coworkers. You couldn’t even message them on the internal instant messenger and had to switch your status to “Busy”. If your manager saw your status was not in “busy” they would message you about it. Also you were highly deterred from asking necessary work related questions during this period. If you were observed talking to a fellow coworker for assistance with something you would get weird gazes from management and sometimes have to explain that we are not having casual conversation. All this for the sake of “productivity” the morale killing word of every business. People went from initially thinking this company and chore were so great to detesting the place. As you would suspect other changes further contributed to the shift.


I was a hard worker, like an extremely hard worker. One day a supervisor asked why I wasna

t working at my usual pace, so I told him I was facing homelessness if I couldna

t find somewhere to live.

He said “Heyyy well I truly need my superstar out here! I depend on you getting a lot done for me.” He couldna

t care any less about my problem…I was an employee who constructed him look good because I get results, and not a human being.

I never worked hard again, and personally undermined the work ethic of everyone I came in contact with. I didna

t have to learn that particular lesson a second time.


Had a worker that worked herself silly for the job. Actually loved the venue, loved the clients, loved the work so she would work after clocking off, take work home, go in on weekends. Truly just go above and beyond always. We always got unbelievable feedback from clients and suppliers about her. In our contract it says wea

re entitled to a 5k raise after being employed for 3 years. At our yearly renewal( having been there for 3.5 years) she asked for the raise. She was flat out told there was no room in the budget. She could have taken them to fair work committee but instead she just started looking for jobs. She left( got a great position in a great company and is loving it !). The guy they hired to replace her had a quarter of the experience , no love for the job and his annual salary was 10 k higher. Most of us have since left and the place is falling to sh* t.


I worked at a eatery with a sh* t tipped minimum– $2.63 an hour. We’d be penalized for being even 5 minutes late so lots of us depicted up 20 -3 0 min early to make sure we’d avoid the penalty( this is Boston, so that was an appropriate gamble, I’ve get stuck on the T for 10 -2 0 min on NUMEROUS occasions ), and we’d simply get right to work– and there’s plenty to do when opening a big restaurant. So we’d clock on and start working– no one was clocking in and failing to work. In fact I liked getting there early because the kitchen would get up to 113, most of the morning prep occurred in the kitchen and was fairly rigorous, we didn’t really air condition and had to wear long sleeved shirts and pants. So I could knock everything out in a tank and shorts, change into my uniform, and not start my shift a sweaty mess.

The manager gave us a big lecture about how it adds up, even if it IS only $2.63 an hour. She made a new regulation that we couldn’t clock in more than 10 minutes before our shift began, EVEN IF WE WERE WORKING. By the way, that’s a 15 -minute window of appropriate clocking in time, in Boston, with a notoriously unreliably public transportation system, crazy weather, and over-clogged roads.

F* ck Grafton Street and f* ck you, Ashley.


Was working for EB Game when GameStop bought them. 20% of any warranty, and$ 1 for every subscription sold went into your paycheck as commission. And you’d never feel dirty selling the things, because Edge Magazine( EB’s answer to Game Informer) and their extended warranties were legit, and fairly priced.

GameStop buys the company. First thing they do? Nix the commissions. You still have to sell the stuff, of course. I’ll never forget the first meeting I had with GameStop as a director. They actually drilled how profitable those things are to the company. Soon after came the threats of reduced hours if you didn’t hit quotas, mandated by corporate.

Yeah. F* ck Gamestop.


I knew someone who worked at a factory( in West Virginia or Ohio) that was purchased by a Japanese firm. On day one, they took away everyone’s stools and said everyone had to stand for their entire work day. What a stupid route to get every person to hate you on day 1, with no benefit! Of course, many of the employees had back problems and other health issues that built it painful or impossible to continue in their jobs.


I used to work at a gas station/ convenience store. Our director was definitely cheap, but he brought it to a whole new level after he bought another gas station over 50 miles away.

He started scheduling his pre-existing staff from my store to work in his other store, over 50 miles away. Some of us were still in high school, but he didn’t devote a sh* t. He refused to hire more people.


My company had an( anonymous) employee suvey this past year and when the results( which reflected negatively on the GM/ Manager) were revealed, everyone had to sit through a four hour meeting where, line by line, our GM asked “why do 50% of you feel this way” or “6 0% of you not like this”? No one really spoke up( it was supposed to be anonymous) so we just got told how if we felt that route, this is why our feelings were wrong. By the end of the four hours most of us were like “was that supposed to deter us from rating negatively next year … So we don’t have to sit through a 4 hour meeting about how we’re not right in feeling the route we did”

Changed up the metrics that determined people’s bonuses. And included things that were important for the business to know, but entirely beyond the control of the people who’s bonuses were impacted.

For example, we had a “right party contact” rate — how many times you actually got the person you were calling vs the number of calls you actually made. The problem was the phone number listing came from elsewhere, and the people building the calls were just given a list of numbers, and you had to call them all. No leeway.

So you’re calling blind from a list you don’t control … and get penalized if the list is sh* t.

Oddly enough, the people in charge of constructing the phone number listings, their bonuses were not influenced by right party contact rate.


New general manager came in, fired all the best people( I was really good but had only been there for 3 years so I wasn’t making a lot) because they were “making too much money” and replaced them with base pay workers who didn’t give a sh* t. Then that increased the workload on everyone else that wasn’t fired so they all cease. Then the hotel was stuck with half a sh* tty staff. Funny thing is that we built in the ballpark of 20 million dollars the year before my original GM left and the year the new GM took over I heard from one of the few people that still worked there( there were 2 originals out of a 60 person faculty) that they were projected to scarcely clear 2 mil. We were in the top 5 Hiltons in the entire Midwest for years and there were only a handful of nights like Christmas when we wouldn’t sell all 140 rooms. Why that dumb sh* t tried to change everything when the place ran itself and was kicking serious ass I will never know, but he’s out of a job now. My old GM would literally leave halfway through the day if he wanted( rarely) because our directors were so good and everyone actually cared about the place.


Plumbing shop. Newer owners came in. They were a married couple who had worked there for years and bought out the original proprietor. A few months later has we are heading into Christmas, they called each employee in one at a time to explain how they( the employee) werena

t get a holiday bonus because the employee had messed something up earlier in the year. My reason was that I had broke a mirror in a clients bathroom and it had cost $200 to replace. And they just couldna

t afford to pay any bonuses.( I brought in over $500,000 worth of business that year.) Next week they drove up in a new sports car. Person asked what it was and another plumber said it was a 2007 Christmas Bonus. Theya

ve had a huge turnover in employees now. No one from when I worked there( a

94 -0 8) is still there.


I had a boss who would pick pairs of people he believed should get to know each other better and strongly suggest that we go out to lunch together.

For some reason he matched me with one of our younger and more opinionated engineers, who expended the entire lunch ranting about how all taxation is theft and how our support for Israel was stupid, that if the Jews wanted to run around in the desert we should just give them Arizona.

It was certainly a learning experience for me, though not in the way my boss was hope. I remained as far away from that guy as I could for the rest of his( thankfully brief) employment with is.


We were once in the middle of a very stressful period of work, and everyone was feeling it. However, one afternoon, an off-hand commentary turned into a conversation that we all got involved with and led to a few giggles. My manager, returning from a meeting, piped up “Oh we’ve finished tomorrow’s work, have we? What’s all this about( insert subject matter) “. Entire team instantaneously deflated.

Unnecessary. Every employee needs time to blow off a little steam.


Casually said the best employee was X and everyone, including X, knew that X was among those who did the least sum of work.


Me personally, I’m a security guard at a library. My boss said she wanted me moving around a lot, which is cool. I would get up every 15 minutes, patrol the entire building, then sit back down for another 15 minutes. It’s not the busiest place so it seems to work out fine, especially since my coworkers always know how to get a hold of me. However, apparently a coworker told my supervisor I was slacking off( and this coworker’s known for micromanaging people she has no control over) and wasn’t doing my job properly. But instead of talking to me about it, my boss just says, “Oh I meant CONSTANTLY. CONSTANTLY walking, 4 to 8 hours straight , no sitting down AT ALL. Also we fired the only other security guard so you gotta take his shiftings too.” So other than a legally obliged 15 minute breaking, I’m supposed to be hiking all day long and “assert my presence” to the dozen or so patrons we have.

I’m turning in my 2 week notification on Wednesday, and in the meantime I just take VERY long bathroom breaks….


Layoffs. 73 people lost their jobs because a huge project lost money instead of making money. Another 73 or so lost their jobs because the company was moving in a different direction and didn’t need as many people with their skill set. These were by and large very talented people, as opposed to deadwood or shiftless morons. You get rid of deadwood and morons, and it gets the rest of the deadwood and morons to work harder. You get rid of talented people, and everyone else gets angry, anxieties for their own job, and/ or starts looking for a new job.


I used to work for Microsoft. When Google was first growing actually rapidly, they were becoming famous for their perks including free food.

At a company meeting, person asked Steve Ballmer( CEO at the time) if we were going to get free food too. Ballmer famously answered something like “would you instead have free food, or get paid $10,000/ year more? ” That argument might have held water if Microsoft paid more, but in addition to not having free food they actually paid a fair bit less.


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