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35 Insta Captions For Your “Friends Don’t Let Friends Go Thirsty” Oktoberfest Pics

There’s something about fall that cues all the feels. Call me somewhat of a basic betch( I’ll take it ), but once the leaves start to change colourings, this chick over here literally turns into the dancing pumpkin psyche dude — in her fave flannel shirt and combat boots, of course. With the autumn season comes fall hiking trip-ups with the girls, tailgating, reaching up apple orchards, boozing Pumpkin Spice Lattes on the reg … and most importantly, Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest in Germany officially begins on Saturday, Sept. 16 and lasts until Tuesday, Oct. 3. Needless to say, if you’re jetting off to Munich to have the time-of-your-actual-freaking-life, you’ll need to be equipped with some solid Oktoberfest Instagram captions beforehand, so you’re not attempting to come up with a fire one while you’re getting your liquor on. Because, let’s face it, that never ends well.

Those of us who have been blessed enough to booze steins bigger than our heads in Germany can agree its own experience is the real f* cking deal. When I was abroad for Oktoberfest with my mains, I had behavior too much fun, lost my balance, fell off of the picnic table, and still got up comprising my stein in my hand, because #priorities. But whether you’re sipping in one of the massive brew tents at Oktoberfest, chilling in a bar in your local city, or throwing an Oktoberfest party of your own at your mansion this year, you’ll have a great time ringing in autumn no matter where you’re at. It’s all about the brew, and the good company. Here are the 30 best Instagram captions that will bring on all the lighted times.

1. — which is German for “cheers”

2. — Unknown

3. — Unknown

4. — Unknown

5. — Unknown


25. — Unknown

26. — Unknown

27. — Unknown

28. — Unknown

29. — Unknown

30. — Unknown

31. — Unknown

32. — Unknown

33. “ . . ” — Unknown

34. — Unknown

35. — W.C. Fields

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