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‘Family’ Groups Blast Boy Scouts’ Decision To Allow Trans Kids

Following years of dispute over their posture on LGBTQ members, the Boy Scouts of America announced Monday that they will permit transgender progenies who mark as sons to join their carries and troops.

It was, by all accounts, a refreshingly all-inclusive gesture on behalf of the members of the scouting organization and one that will undoubtedly delighted 8-year-old Joe Maldonado and his family. The third grader, who resides in Secaucus, New Jersey, sparked their own nationals dialogue around the issue of transgender scouts after he claimed to have been asked to withdraw from his Cub Scout pack in November 2016 because he identifies as trans.( Following Mondays announcement, hes been invited back .)

Still , not everyone is thrilled. The N.C. Values Coalition, which deems itself a bipartisan network that rallies for pro-family situations, bombed the groups decision in a Tuesday blog post. In it, they argued that the scout company had lost its road when it decided to allow transgender progenies to participate.

The Boy Scouts were founded in part to foster the health development of manlines and lessons among sons, officials wrote in the post while encouraging mothers to seek out faith-friendly alternatives, like Trail Life U.S.A ., for their sons. It is sad to view an important institution that has provided over 110 million people buckle beneath the load of political correctness.

Meanwhile, theFlorida Family Policy Councils John Stemberger, whos been deemed the Sunshine Regime leading anti-LGBTQ activist, claimed the Boy scout was encouraging and facilitating a distinguished mental disorder in its final decision. Knowing that young boys and biological girls will be showering, garmenting and camping in tents together create a clear child protection issue which is being ignored, he said in a statement on his organizations website. Its simply stunning that a contributing teenager company which parents entrust the protection of their children with has opted to again appease political activists rather than follow clear, common-sense good traditions for child protection.

Conservative radio host Bryan Fischer, who was unhappy thatgay teenagerare allowed to participate in the Boy scout, offered similar, if more crudely worded, supposes on Twitter.

Russell Moore, who is the president of the Southern Baptist Conventions Ethics& Religious Liberty Commission, didnt mince words, either.

As troubling as these perspectives are, just knowing that a new generation of children will be encouraged to have more rational and all-inclusive mindsets because of the Boy scout decision is the perfect remedy.

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