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Festival Camping Tips

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Be patient: Festivals can glean thousands and thousands of people, so be prepared for traffic jam and long waits as you near the festival floors and try to find a parking spot. Remember that everyone is after the same thing: a merriment weekend with good friends and great music. Remain your gas cistern above half full, take a deep breather and tell yourself your travel is your destination.

Pace yourself: Think of a music celebration as a marathon , not a sprint. You don’t want to party too hard-boiled on the first night and miss seeing your favorite stripe. Even though a music celebration doesn’t seem as strenuous as a long hike, you can easily be on your paws for 12 hours or more and you will cover a lot of ground marching between the music stages and your campsite.

Get comfy: Blankets and low-back camp chairs are great for get comfy inside the concert soils. Many festivals have restrictions on the height of chairs allowed into the concert, so be sure to check the festival website for report. Shop our selection of camp chair.

Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water and other non-alcoholic beverages throughout the day. A knapsack with a water tank is a great way to stay hydrated while you cruise all over the celebration and get down to the music. Most celebrations will allow you to delivering an empty water bottle or reservoir into the music venue so they are able to fill it up. Check the festival website rest assured. Shop our selection of water bottles and hydration supplies.

Protect yourself from the sunshine: Summer is the season for music festivals and shadow can be really hard to find when you’re camping in a big arena. Bring along plenty of sunblock and invest in sun-protective garment, including a hat with a wide brim.

There are many choices among sunblocks. Appreciate our clause on how to choose sunscreen.

Hygiene: We all know using a portable lavatory is rarely delightful, but that’s likely what you’ll be able to use at a music fest. Bring along extra toilet paper, hand sanitizer and toilet sit extends to stir the best of developments in the situation. Hand-washing stations are normally located near the portable bathrooms. Have a small bottle of biodegradable soap and/ or hand sanitizer with you in case the station runs out.

Some celebrations supply portable rains so they are able to wash off the junk and grunge after a full period of dancing. Return a towel and have some money on hand in case there is a small cost. If you know the celebration won’t have rains, consider returning a portable solar shower that you can use at your camp.

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Safety: Music celebrations generally have a happy vibe and people will go out of their path to assist you, but unfortunately misdemeanour can be produced. Use common sense, be aware of your encircles and be tracked of your friends. It’s wise to establish a fulfill spot in case you become separated from different groups. Also, be sure to lock your values in your auto when you’re not at camp. Putting a small luggage lock on your tent door zipper pulls can help deter theft.

Festivals have first-aid terminals if you need one, but you’ll find they are able to treat many minor issues if you remain a kit in your vehicle or at camp. Hear more about how to choose first-aid kits.

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Backpack, Backpacks, Rucksack, Camping, Hiking, Hiking Backpack, Outdoor Living, Camping Life, Camping Tricks, Adventure

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