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Five Mistakes Beginner Backpackers Usually Make

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Today I wanna talk to you about five common mistakes that beginning backpackers usually make

Now, I’m maybe not knocking the novices, but, any professional just wasn’t created a professional. I mean, Michael Jordan don’t pop out of the womb, begin his very first actions while perfectly dribbling a basketball. It takes time to discover things, and that’s normal, but I’m hoping that possibly this video clip helps some of novices to discover from the mistakes of other people and I’m prepared to bet even some of you experienced backpackers who are watching can acknowledge to most likely making one or more of these mistakes your self For this video clip, I took some input from my fellow backpackers and I also considered my own mistakes. So let’s get started. Before starting my AT thru hike, I did many research about just what gear is necessary and, you know, common mistakes and most likely the top one was packing excessively material Now this might be like extra gear or like unnecessary things completely There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having luxury things You know I think that many backpackers except possibly like the serious, serious ultralighters and most likely even them, have actually some type of luxury product But using things like a hatchet, an axe, extra boots Several modifications of garments, like maybe not simply a cold and , you know, hot ensemble but like literally nearly a change of garments for seven times or one thing Or a family picture album.charging-Portable-lamp-1000Lm

Those things are a little extortionate. But they are things that people did perhaps some things that appear like you might need them but are a little extortionate are like extra batteries and I’m maybe not talking about one set of extra batteries but like several additionally extra headlamps, you know things like that Those are all things that you can get by if one thing occurs to you for several times, you know also on a thru hike, on AT and PCT You’re maybe not gonna be out inside wilderness for most likely more than seven times at many I mean there might be a section that’ll be a little bit longer But most of the time you’re evaluating three to seven times Some people simply take extra filters, you know in case theirs fails and once more while it sounds like it makes sense If you’re cooking, you can constantly boil your water as a backup So you want to make sure that you only simply take the true things being necessities while know, ideally they have some type of multipurpose And if you’re really place your head into it and think about it you can most likely get by and improvise without a certain piece of gear for, you know a three to seven time stretch I think many people have actually the idea that thru hiking is like survival situation and obviously you’re trying to survive But what I mean is it’s maybe not like you’re going out to setup You know, a little bunker inside woods to survive the zombie apocalypse you know, it’s maybe not like that at all You’re literally simply holding things that you need Like necessities for a three to seven time stretch between two towns.

And that’s it. And when you get town if you realize you need one thing else you can constantly get it there It’s simply essential to really second guess your self on every product like ‘Do I absolutely need this?’ and ‘if had to get three times without it, could I make it’ assuming the solution is ‘yes’ then you most likely don’t need it If you’re pack is incredibly hefty, you’re gonna be uncomfortable specially while you’re breaking inside human body and getting usage on idea of toting a heavy load for several times on end I really suggest if you’re brand new to backpacking checkout some of people who have thru hikes gear listings, you know I got mine up on my web site and simply look through assuming you have actually something that’s maybe not on their list.Osprey Aether MEN'S BACKPACKING AG 70 - Neptune

I mean of course everybody is different I’m simply saying, you know It’s good standard about to view someone else who’s effectively done what you’re intending doing inside backpacking world Yes, while you’re backpacking and specially while thru hiking you are gonna be abusing your feet So you definitely don’t need to pour sodium inside wounds by wearing the poor footwear. And what I mean by that’s footwear that don’t fit correctly or they don’t work well with your feet. And you’re like ‘Well exactly how do I know if it’s gonna work correctly, if it works well with my feet’ top thing that you can do is, you know, take to them out before you get out on a backpacking journey But nevertheless you’re maybe not gonna have yet conditions of course. In normal world that you will have on the trail. So you want to make sure that the footwear is big sufficient because your feet will swell And that you know, when you’re walking downhill you don’t want it, the footwear so tight, your toes are striking leading of your footwear unless you dislike keeping your toe nails around both tests that I recommend doing is, the thumb test So simply making sure that when you place your thumb down in front of your big toe, that you have actually about a thumbs area between the tip of your big toe and front side of your footwear Now also I recommend when you connect your footwear up tap your toe on ground.

And if your foot is striking leading of your footwear, it’s likely doing that while you’re descending mountains and You’re likely to loose toe nails and maybe not feel good while hiking additionally for those of you whom think that you absolutely need to have boots while thru hiking or part hiking You don’t I mean I can’t say that YOU don’t. but many people don’t need big, sturdy, cumbersome, clunky boots to effectively backpack I thought that I required ankle help when I started the AT. So I started with boots because I thought that’s what you do when you get hiking. You wear hiking boots Right.

Uh, well, the boots ended up drumming on my Achilles even though they had been correctly sized They caused me tendinitis inside Achilles and it didn’t feel good. So I ended up swapping to trail runners and i’ve never ever appeared right back They’re really lightweight. They dry out a lot faster But I’m maybe not gonna enter a whole video clip preaching why I choose trail runners over boots You do must discover just what works for you But I’m simply saying, unless you, you know, know that you need the ankle help , you might maybe not But simply determine just what works for you regarding footwear and insoles and all of that material before you get out on trail.

Because if you mess your feet up real bad, it could be a trip ender. And on this one, uh, I can say that I don’t exercise just what I preached when I started the PCT. I simply started with the same sized footwear that I completed with on AT thinking ‘Oh yeah my feet are the same size’ Well, I don’t do the toe test and I don’t do the thumb width test and um, I ended up having to swap footwear while on PCT and rise a size. And I did lose both of my big toe nails So simply take my advise and simply make sure your footwear are big sufficient Alright! So you’re starting your thru hike while hear that everybody who’s starts out goes fifteen to twenty miles their very first time while’re like, ‘I can’t let anyone think that I am poor so I am gonna get fifteen to twenty miles if it kills me!’ Yeah, I made that error on PCT I was determined, you know, everyone else does more miles on PCT.

So I can’t do just what I did starting out on AT i’ve doing more! Well I did three 15-mile times, like 13 to 15-miles actually And I ended up having to simply take two zeros because I’d t-rex knees. My knees had been so inflamed it felt like basically stretched my leg that simply fluid was going to bust out the straight back of it. So I’d to walk around on little bent knees therefore didn’t feel good And I already knew maybe not to make this error because I’d read about it and I’d , you know understood from the AT it takes a while for your human body to getting acclimated to backpacking. So… You know you simply must go slow. You must listen to your human body. Whenever your human body is tired. you stop When one thing hurts, you simply take a break You know. So luckily I was smart sufficient to maybe not consistently push myself and ruining my PCT thru hike But, you know, I should’ve never ever experienced the position where inside very first week I’d to simply take two zeros because I’d overexerted my human body So when you get out there while start, you got to hike your own hike and I ordinarily hate that overused saying.

But literally, you have got to listen to your human body If that means losing individuals that you’ve existed for several times. You’ll most likely catch with them in the course of time cannot worry about that. You’e nowadays for your experience therefore don’t want that to be cut quick because you got extremely ambitious on your mileage plan Everyone here’s about ‘Oh hiker hunger’ ‘Oh I was so hungry I can eat like five hamburgers around’ Yes, but that doesn’t happen right away That occurs…well, I don’t know. It’s different for everybody But that occurs Waterproof-Walking-Camping-Shoesafterwards. It’s maybe not, you know You’re very first week of backpacking or anything like that So for those of y’all whom section and, you know You do weekend or week-long trips, you’ll not ever really experience the full-on hiker hunger. I mean I’m certain, you know, as soon as you get back to town you’re pretty hungry while know, food tastes amazing You do go through that. I am certain But as far as the true hiker hunger where you could You know, literally down like everything McDonald’s has in stock That takes awhile to kick in So when you’re planning your very first stretch simply know that you might maybe not be as hungry as you think you’ll In fact, you might maybe not be hungry at all while might must make your self eat When I omitted on my AT thru hike, you know, I’d never ever been backpacking before.

And I don’t really have any idea just what to expect. So I packed , you know, just what I thought i’d need basically was hungry for six times which I’m not exactly certain why I packed six times of food for under 40-miles But that doesn’t matter. Uh, I simply don’t want to be out inside woods and hungry. Um, turns out I wasn’t really hungry at all when I first started and uh, I’d a lot extra fat in food I’m simply saying you might maybe not need, you know around you think you’ll if you were, like starving while you were nowadays. They do recommend that you have actually about two pounds daily of food, uh really I’m uncertain if that’s like when you’re first nowadays or after the hiker hunger strikes But irrespective you’ll discover real fast while’ll most likely make this error. But…um…you know It’s maybe not the worst thing worldwide. You’ll constantly barter with food on trail.

So it’s maybe not terrible to have a little bit excessively of it. I can’t tell you exactly, you know, exactly how a great deal is right for you But, I’m simply saying, remember while you’re planning your very first stretch of food that people do generally pack to much So you decided you’re going on this journey while’re seated there while know where you’re going to remain every evening.

in which you’re going to eat meal and where you’re going to make use of the bathroom and exactly how much food you’re going to eat. And you’ve already sent your self resupply containers. Whoa! Whoa!! Whoa! Whoa!! Among the best things about a backpacking journey is just permitting your self the freedom doing what you want when you feel like doing it Sure, if you are going on a section hike and it’s only for a weekend while know, you need to get from Point the to Point B over that weekend and, yeah, you might calculate a certain mileage daily inside mind.

And for thru hiking you know, you need to get from Mexico to Canada. Or Georgia to Maine. Or whatever In a certain amount of time but simply enable your self the freedom doing what you want. And to eat what you want. And enjoy your self along how I know people who have started their thru hike and they already have seats for their trip house once they complete thin whole time their, their gong on their journey They’ve got this date in their head like ‘I must be on airplane on this date’ therefore’s like ‘Why do that to your self’ you know also if you know that you must be done at a certain time therefore know, you got a wedding or whatever You might end up finishing a week before that with some of most useful buddies will have the sleep of yourself that you made while you were on trail and they simply happen to be road-tripping how you’re going to get while could’ve had top road-tripping experience with a week as a grande finale to a thru hike Instead you’re going to be sitting there waiting around for a week, you know, at a campground or at a hotel for a flight that you in the pipeline six months ago when you don’t even know whom that individual is six months ago that in the pipeline that trip for you Because you’ll have changed so much while know everything thought you desired the end of your journey might maybe not be what you want anymore Backpacking is not a job.

Outdoor Survival Tactical Folding Camping Shovel, Military Equipment, Emergency MultitoolIt doesn’t must be a wakeup at 7am or 5am or whatever And visit bed prior to, you know the sunsets or as its environment It…it is whatever you want it to be. So you know, if you do enjoy a set routine, then then that’s fine. But I challenge you to take to To simply go with the flow I challenge you to say ‘yes’ and simply take part adventures And…and to let it be just what it becomes Because when else in life are you allowed that freedoms So don’t rob it from your self as soon as you get it about planning food countless people, you know want to send on their own packages the whole method and already have their food sitting there at a post workplace and towns they decided their going end in along how.

But robbing your self the luxury of deciding what you want to eat Let me ask you, do you know just what to eat for dinner three months and two nights from now? Probably maybe not. I mean I don’t even know just what I want to eat for dinner like three times from now yet. So, simply don’t limit your self I mean certain if you have actually some kind of dietary limitation You know where you…you must do that Then I realize. But otherwise, you know, you might maybe not make it to town before the postoffice closes on Friday And now you’re stuck there til Monday So simply enable your self the experience of freedom during your backpacking journey. Because you have actually made it happen therefore’ve obtained it while’ve taken the opportunity to experience it. So simply enjoy it Those are most likely the five many common mistakes made by beginning backpackers But there are truly plenty that is made And I think the important thing to remember usually how that you learn is by getting out there and making mistakes.

And I’d a great deal rather folks be getting out there and making mistakes and laughing at on their own than to be sitting on settee, you know maybe not experiencing nature at all If you made one of the five mistakes that I mentioned today or any error during your beginning phases of backpacking please feel free to share that inside commentary below. Because I think we can all discover from both right here And I want this channel to be a place where we can share knowledge and experience and things like that keep in mind if you like this channel while want to help the work I do right here The easiest method doing so at no additional expense to you should visit DixieAZ.com before doing your Amazon shopping. It visits my affiliate link doesn’t cost you anything extra and helps help just what I do. And with that we will see y’all next time

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