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Glorious 8-year-old bravely insists on wearing a clown costume in family picture

Throughout the story of humanity, every so often, heroes emerge.

Real heroes, those that gleam with fearlessnes and radiate with self-possession, are so rare that we so often over seem them, losing their flare in the interference of a mundane world.

Not today.

For on Feb. 13, Twitter user Leslie M.R initiated us to a pal of hers when she posted a video of him.

This unnamed exemplar of all that is righteous and strong in human, when he was but a merely 8 years old, stood his firm sand against parental authority and social practices and insisted on dressing up like a clown for the family portrait.

See him recline! Rejoice at his stalwart consolation! Wonder at his resolve! Envy his belief!

For this bastion of individualism did not settle for a simple clown mask, or some light-colored look coat. No, that would not do at all. This intrepid lighthouse has bedecked his beautiful self in a costume worthy of any clown college president.

If you needed any further proof that this is how we should all live “peoples lives”, observe his look. His pedigree meets around like the court of a ruler, recognizing the price contained within something that somehow stands no taller than anyone’s waist, and he, the ruler, permits his look to repose in total equanimity. He is like Buddha beneath the Bohdi tree. Except in a clown costume.

Now, you could ask yourself many questions. Why would his mothers give him do this? Where did he find such a fine garb? Why is he posed like the Godfather surrounded by his unworthy Cappos? What “the hells going on” here?

Each question, however, simply attests your deficiency of understanding. Each query you ask admits your inability to attitude the true magnificence of self expression.

So, query not! Bask at this ruler and be thankful for bearing witness to such concentrated greatness.

For you may not find another true-blue hero ever again.

Read more: http :// mashable.com/ 2017/02/ 15/ child-clown-god /~ ATAGEND

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