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‘His worst game ever’: Lonzo Ball underwhelms in Summer League debut

The No2 overall picking finishes with five points on 2-for-15 hitting in his NBA Summer League debut with the Los Angeles Lakers

It took Lonzo Ball 20 seconds to get a near-capacity crowd off its paws in his first summer league game.

Just like LaVar educated him.

Balls highly anticipated Los Angeles Lakers debut on Friday night started with a prosper on a perfectly aged lob pass to Brandon Ingram. But that was one of the few bright spots for a player Magic Johnson has dubbed as the brand-new appearance of the Lakers in a 96 -9 3 overtime loss to the Los Angeles Clippers.

The No2 overall collect tallied just 5 point and missed 13 of his 15 fires, to the disappointment of a near-capacity audience that came out to see him. Leave it to his father to sum up the darknes with some of his trademark straight talk.

He dont be discouraged because thats the worst he can do, LaVar Ball told. He cant depart but up. And he still hindered them in video games playing his worst activity ever. Thats what I like about it.

Lonzo Ball was 1-for-11 from three-point straddle, including a bad miss from going beyond the line the kind of daring pull-up the Ball family is known for with 1:16 to play in regulation.

He was also a little slow to react on protection, including when Brice Johnson made a quick-witted rotated past him for a dunk. The Clippers posted the highlight on their Twitter chronicle, announcing it a reasonably baller move.

Thats the kind of target that LaVars antics have coated on his sons back. And its very big than the purple No2 under his name.

Tough game. We didnt get the job done, Lonzo Ball answered. I need to be better.

Lonzo Ball coped a insufficient five points on 2-for-15 filming in his NBA Summer League debut.

Scouts do wonder how that unconventional hitting stroke will translate to the NBA tournament. What is not up for dispute is the Lakers return to must-see status with the pass-first quality protector on the prompt and his circu barker parent on the mic.

While LaVar Ball has lowered intimates that he could tone down the bombastic comments and unending market of his Big Baller Brand apparel that altered him into an internet rascal of styles during Lonzos lone season at UCLA, he was totally in reputation for his sons debut.

The Lakers fans are emanating and my boy is gonna fetch em out, LaVar Ball crowed at halftime. As they were hullabaloo for the game. Its entertainment. That boy is going to entertain. Hes been doing it all his life.

LaVar Ball entered the Thomas& Mack Center to a raucous ovation, flanked by more than a dozen family members. They watched the game from a conjured stagecoach behind one baseline, and as he ascended the stairs for the first time, he caused his hands and shot his fist to the crowd.

Lonzo Ball get off the bus wearing a pitch-black Big Baller t-shirt, crimson abruptlies and pitch-black Big Baller ZO2 shoes yes, the ones with the $495 price tag and did two television interviews before he even changed into his Laker uniform. A bedazzled, patent leather backpack covered over his shoulders and launched NBA actors including DeMar DeRozan, DAngelo Russell and Isaiah Thomas were all in attendance for the game, while Johnson, the brand-new Lakers president of basketball operations, sat courtside.

Lakers competitions have always been well-attended here in Vegas, only a four-hour drive from Los Angeles. But this one reached another level, with devotees piling into the realm three hours before game experience and sitting through a Bucks-Cavaliers game before eventually getting to the main attraction. And when Lonzo observed Ingram for the alley-oop on his first control, it looked like thoughts were going to come easy.

I ever answered get em out their chairs on the first performance, LaVar Ball replied. Thats how we used to play with his brothers. Either affected a long three-pointer from halfcourt or a dunk.

But it became clear very rapidly that happens wouldnt always go smoothly. The sophomore Ingram shined with 26 objects in 31 hours, played with more assertiveness than his celebrated rookie teammate. Lonzo finished with five facilitates, four rebounds and two steals.

Its got nothing to do with him, LaVar Ball alleged. Hes going to making such squad come up and construct everybody start delivering the dance. And thats when that chemistry be coming back and thats when that prevailing be coming back. Thats when the win be coming back. Once “youre starting” winning, everybody starts feeling good.

In that behavior, LaVar is right on the money.

Lonzos invests are flashy, and the first participate was quite a highlight. But the rest of his tournament was emphatically downplayed, much like his personality. Magic may have dubbed him the brand-new face of the NBAs marquee franchise and “his fathers” adds the rookie is on the Lakers because he pronounced it into existence. But there is nothing look-at-me about him.

He pronounces calmly and with a straight face , nothing like the mega-watt smile Johnson brought to Hollywood from Michigan State. Smothered by cameras after video games, he couldnt wait to move on.

The only way to go now is up, Lonzo remarked. Thatll maybe be the most difficult tournament Ill have all week so hopefully I stop getting better.

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