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How Kenny G went from internet laughingstock to meme king of Twitter

Kenneth Bruce Gorelick, otherwise known as Kenny G, is an unlikely person to go viral on the internet. For people of a certain generation, Kenny G represents smooth jazz father music. Hes often a pop culture punchline, and an example of the degradation of modern jazz music. In the 1993 movie Waynes World 2 , Kenny Gs music is associated with a trip-up to the dentist. More lately, in La La Land , Kenny G is mentioned in a scene where Ryan Goslings character is trying to argue for a resurgence of pure jazz music.

There are multiple threads online that discuss why so many people, specially jazz purists, vehemently detest Kenny G. Yet, despite his haters, Kenny Gs music remains popular. Hes sold more than 75 million records and performs at sold-out live indicates. Even if you claim that youve never heard of his music, or cant remember any particular sungs, you still know exactly what his brand of music is just like. Its hard to avoid it.

Like most musicians, Kenny G has a social media existence; itd be stupid not to utilize the internet to connect with fans and announce new demonstrates. At first, he was just another musician promoting his project. But then Kenny G are determined to do more than the bare minimum. He figured out what the internet likes, and he turned himself into a meme.

Kenny G joined Twitter in June 2009. His first tweet, however, wasn’t until 2011. It was a typical self-promotion tweet. It received no likes( then called favs) or retweets.

He tweeted on such matters for a few years. Then, in 2014, he announced that he was trying to get more into tweeting.

He was beginning to take more chances. He tweeted out a photograph of a strawberry rhubarb tart that he made, banking on the popularity of meat photos on social media.

He gave out sound relationship advice.

He shared comics that mocked his style of music.

At this phase, most of his tweets featured photos. Photos of him golfing. Photos of him eating dinner with pals. It was the mundane, earnest type of content that many people in the spotlight share on social media. Nothing new. Then in 2014, he appeared in a Funny or Die video where he proclaimed, I enjoy the internet before referencing many internet jokes and memes. This was the beginning of the memeification of Kenny G. He was a willing participant.

But then Kenny G went back to tweeting about new albums, interviews, and TV appearings. It appeared his love of internet jokes was slowing down. Or maybe he was busy playing his saxophone. Last fall, though, he got back in the game. He started tweeting photos of himself, with and without his sax. They did well.

A tweet sent on Nov. 26, 2016, moved viral. Kenny G shared a photograph of himself confidently riding a bicycle with his arms traversed across his chest. Above the photo, he wrote: My hands are for one thing merely: playing sax.

The bicycle tweet was a power move. It said, Im a 61 -year-old mainstream smooth jazz musician and Im super confident and happy. Plus Im successful. Any questions?

Timing likewise likely played a role in the popularity of the bicycle tweet. It was mailed merely weeks after such elections, a day when “the worlds” desperately needed to laugh at somethinganything!

Since the bicycle tweet, Kenny G has continued to tweet out photos with suggestive captions that are centered around his instrument of choice.

Some other examples include:

If the sax is good, pound it

#SaxTip: always leave em wanting more

When somebody plummets a sax bomb on you.

Balance is the key to good sax

After years of sax…these palms are still smooth as the jazz they play

I will look for you, I will find you…and I will serenade you with some saxy goodness

The lines autumn somewhere between daddy jokes and marketing print for an alcoholic drink. But, somehow, they work. Kenny G is basically tweeting slightly different versions of the same thing over and over again. Its a formulamuch like his music. He figured out what did well on the internet and simply decided to replicate it. The reality that people are paying attention to his bad Twitter puns isnt that surprising; this is the man who figured out how to get people to listen to smooth jazzeven though 2017. He knows how to sell a product. He knows how to gain an audience. Hes simply moved his popularity online. Its unlikely that Kenny Gs tweets are inspiring a ton of young people to go out and buy his records. I intend, hes still Kenny G. But its hard not to respect his effort to understand meme culture and have fun on the internet. We should all is so very sincere and joyful.

Nowadays, whenever there is a meme, Kenny G is not far behind. Here he is hitting” the floor is” with his own spin.

Kenny G knows how to crack open a cold one.

He was all over the” Cash Me Ousside” craze.

Kenny Gs Twitter feed mails the message that he doesnt give a fuck what you think of him. He understands that his music, and sometimes his whole persona, is parodied. He doesnt care. Hes in on the joke. As anyone who has ever tried to publish something on the internet will tell you, its often impossible to predict what type of content will rake in clicks, likes, or shares. The ability to be self-aware and laugh at yourself, nonetheless, typically seems to work in a persons favor.

Its definitely working for Kenny G.

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