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How to date a Canadian: embrace gender fluidity and wear layers

Are the Ryans( Gosling and Reynolds) haunting your reveries? Does the smell of boreal forest stimulate you want to raise a large pedigree?


When the Canadian immigration website crashed on the evening of the US election, it highlighted how difficult it can be to move to Canada unless of course youve got $800,000 and want to live in Quebec.

There is, nonetheless, a shortcut to permanent residency: if you cohabit with a Canadian citizen for a year or more, they can patron you.

Despite what you may have heard, nonetheless, Canadians guard their, uh, riches carefully. Heres how to get your hoof in the door.

Location, place, location

Michael Cera in This Is the Discontinue. Image: Columbia/ Sportsphoto/ Allstar

Unlike Australians, Ethiopians and in fact every other nationality, Canadians dont tend to congregate in localities. No municipality on Earth has a Little Canada.

Canadians do, nonetheless, involve shelter like other human beings: try Gumtree or Craigslist and you might be able to attract one to your residence. They are sometimes recognise near student lodging, boasts bars and political demonstrates.

If that flunks , note that theyre too more prone to cold all that time spent behind double-glazed openings in super-insulated dwellings has realized them soft. So provide sources of kindnes: record fervours, hot chocolate and hugs. Canadians love a hug.

Use a Canadian dating app

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If you cant situate a Canadian IRL, there are a number of dating apps and websites that can help. Maple Match is the most popular, but theres too Date a Canadian, or if you live near one of Canadas many porous metes you could mount your Tinder search radius genuinely wide-eyed.

Alternatively, just swipe right each time you see anyone wearing a hockey t-shirt. Which brings us to…

Pick a hockey team

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Ladies, take note: Canadian humen are genetically incapable of defying a woman wearing a hockey sweater thats 900 lengths too big for her. Give those cuffs genuinely trail on the storey.

Guys: you are able to want to consider knocking out got a couple of your front teeth. Canadian noblewomen love it.

If you actually extend ice skating together, get allows one to people saying your brand-new Canadian partner skates like an angel. Otherwise youll run bright red from discomfort as they take the flattery as a suggestion to ever-so-casually do pirouettes around the ice, their three-pointed fleece hat streaming behind them.

Oh and they call it solace skating, just FYI.


Michael Cera and Jack Black in Year One

Canadians are rugged outdoorsy kinds, so get allows one to hiking. But if theres one thing that bothers them, its sexual marriages dressing inappropriately for tours, such as wearing cotton next to the surface or conceiving a fleece is going to keep out the wind.

Mock Canada

Michael Cera and Mary Elizabeth Winstead in Scott Pilgrim Vs the World. Image: Kerry Hayes/ AP

The excellent happening about negging Canucks is that their national identity is so liquid you are able to basically just poke fun of anything. For sample, when they take a sip of irrigate: You Canadians love your irrigate!( They genuinely do suck a lot of irrigate, actually .)

Break out the Canadian tuxedo

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Canadians invented normcore. What you mistakenly take for bad dress sense is, in fact, a style as forwards as the future.( RIP Wheels, you absolute don .) Better get on that instruct to northward of nowhere before it leaves you at the non-Canadian terminal. Speaking of this, when is Sun Ice going to make a comeback?

Be gender-fluid

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