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‘I saved my son’s life with a defibrillator’

Ethan Askew Image copyright Askew Family Image caption Ethan has no memory of what his dad Stuart did for him

When 15 -year-old Ethan Askew started to feel ill in a sports class, he went to tell his teacher and collapsed into his arms – he’d stopped exhaling. And it was his Dad who utilized the school’s newly installed defibrillator to help save his life.

At 15, Ethan was a fit and healthy teen, who went hiking with his dog Treacle and worked towards Duke of Edinburgh awards.

There was no hint of any health problem before his collapse.

Ethan’s dad Stuart works as premises director at the Steiner Academy school which his son attends.

“I was just leaving a meeting when three daughters ran up the stairs saying Ethan had collapsed.

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