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In pictures: The long road from Scotland to Russia – BBC News

Image copyright James Parker

How long does it take to drive from Scotland to Russia? James Parker took his camera and found out by driving 9,898 miles in a classic 1972 Morris Minor, developing fund for benevolence on the way.

Passing through 19 countries, across three deserts and over two seas, Parker spent 53 periods on the road.

He especially focused on captivating male themes, wanting to find out if gender hopes changed from the West to East.

Image copyright James Parker
Image copyright James Parker

On his passage, Parker realised: “I was being quite pondering with who I was photographing … I was focusing on situations that I recognised myself in.”

As a ensue, many of his subjects are young men like himself. He bonded with them over their transportation, “the bike being a universal object that no usage hindrance detracts from using.”

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