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Michael Bloomberg called ‘bullsh*t’ on clean coal technology

A segment of Mississippi Power Co.’s carbon captivate power plant in Kemper County, Mississippi .

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Michael Bloomberg, an outspoken environmentalist and former New York City mayor, had some stern statements for carbon captivate and storage, the unproven engineering that supporters say will turn fossil fuels into “clean” energy sources.

“Carbon capture is total bullshit” and “a figment of the resource, ” Bloomberg said on Monday, addressing a mob at the Bloomberg New Energy Finance summit in New York.

Carbon capture implies taking the emissions from coal and natural gas-burning power plants and industrial facilities, then immersing the carbon deep subterranean or repurposing it for fertilizers and substances. The theme is that by catching radiations before they enter the ambiance, we are in a position limit their contribution to human-caused climate change.

Climate experts say it is likely to be next to hopeless to annihilate the world’s radiations without carbon captivate arrangements. The International Energy Agency has called the technology “essential, ” given that countries are likely to keep burning coal, petroleum, and natural gas for decades to come.

Michael Bloomberg, billionaire, former NYC mayor, prominent environmentalist and major coal critic.

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But to Bloomberg and other critics, that’s precise their own problems. By endowing billions of dollars into carbon captivate, countries can effectively postpone the inevitable the end of fossil fuels and shelve investing in genuinely cleaner power, such as air and solar power.

So far, exclusively a handful of carbon captivate programmes even prevail around the world, and many of them have faced steep cost overruns and slows. The Kemper Project in Mississippi legislation as America’s “flagship” carbon capture project is more than$ 4 billion over budget and still not operational.

Yet President Donald Trump and numerous coal industry chairmen talk about carbon captivate as if it’s already resolve the nation’s power defies. If we have “clean coal, ” why invest in alternatives?

Bloomberg has also expended aggressive expression to express condescension for the coal industry.

“I don’t have much compassion for manufactures whose concoctions leave behind a road of diseased and dead organizations, ” he wrote in his new notebook, Climate of Hope , which he co-authored with former Sierra Club executive director Carl Pope.

“But for everyone’s purpose, we should is also intended to gave them out of business, ” Bloomberg said.

Scott Pruitt, head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, to speak with coal miners in Pennsylvania.

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The billionaire media mogul has donated some $80 million to the Sierra Club to help the environmental group shut down coal-fired power plants as part of its Beyond Coal campaign.

More than 250 U. S. coal floras have shut down or committed to retire since awareness-raising campaigns started in 2011. Many of those closures came as natural gas prices plummeted, motivating utilities to trench coal, and as federal clean breeze and water governs constructed it too costly to improved aging coal plants.

Of the nation’s more than 500 coal floras, exclusively 273 now remain open, and Bloomberg’s philanthropy forearm and the Sierra Club was trying to shutter those, too.

The former mayor also recently announced a brand-new coal-related gift. Bloomberg told the Associated Press that he plans to donate$ 3 million to organizations that facilitate jobless coal miners and their communities find brand-new economic opportunities.

Bloomberg Philanthropies spotlit the struggles of miners in a brand-new film, From the Ashes , to be featured at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York this week.

Coal miners “have paid a awful rate, ” he told the AP.

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