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New Year’s Eve Dresses That Aren’t Extra

There’s truly a lot to take away from the exhilaration of New Year’s Eve. Planning your midnight festivities is always a bitch, the chances of get a cliche midnight kiss are slim to none, and the pressure to look your best on the first night of the new time is appropriate to stimulate me want to boycott the holiday forever. Essentially, NYE is always a goddamn hassle. When the time comes to scoring the perfect dress, it seems as though every store has puked glisten, sequins, and a fuck ton of sparkles on everything. Uh, unless you want to look like a walk-to disco ball, this shit is getting ridiculous. Like, glitter is fun and all, but simply in small increments. Some of us want to blackout sans sequin scratchings and itchy cleavage. I’m literally merely wearing the dress once, so all the extraness is as unnecessary as Taylor Swift’s comeback album. Believe it or not, some of us prefer to ring in the new year with a low-key dress that still makes us appear skinny, glam, and gorg. On that note, here are five NYE garbs that aren’t extra af.

1. Keepsake Call Me Off The Shoulder Dress

This is definitely the cutest effing dress I’ve ever seen. Besides altogether enjoying the flirty blush hue, I’m preoccupied with the bead-accentuated sleeves. The balance between its disclosing off-the-shoulder neckline and thinning bodycon fit constructs it a chic, yet edgy option for 2018.

2. Self Portrait Ruffled Lace Dress

When in doubt, black out in black. This sophisticated style comes off as bad and boujee, but also low-key says you’ll be blacked out by 9am. It has a frisky front with intricate detailing, so with fab highlighter and sexy tousled waves, you’ll most def have a midnight kiss with something( or someone ?) other than a champagne bottle.

3. Dress The Population Dana Mini Velvet Bodycon Dress

Obviously, a turtleneck on anything is typically always a major no-no, but what the latest fashion tendencies call for, we follow. Stay with a classy style like this high-neck velvet bodycon that mixes a holiday Merlot red and our BFF, black. With the long sleeves and thick velved material, you’ll probs be the only sane one remaining warm when it’s freezing af this January.

4. ASOS Drama Sleeve Bardot Midi Dress

In case you haven’t heard from like, scrolling through Twitter, the color of this year has been declared as Ultra Violet. This comes from a company called Pantone that I know nothing about, but I’m not questioning their sixth sense. It could mean we have a year of royalty, mystery, or complete and utter tragedy ahead of us, so cheers to that alone as we see if 2018 are likely to be treat us any worse than 2017 did. Throw forth good vibes by wearing the coloring nice and early with this dramatic-sleeved bodycon style. The bottom comes with a hiking slit for that touching of slut we absolutely can’t defy, obvs.

5. Reformation Onyx Dress

Whether you actually give a shit about retaining our world clean or not, Reformation is a new brand that prides itself on inducing v cute clothes out of materials that happen to be good for countries around the world and all the little birdies and the little monkeys that occupy it. Amazing. This bestselling holiday dress falls down to your ankles( SRY to everyone who’s five feet tall, like myself ), and comes with a high slit and deep V neckline. The all-over formal navy velvet constructs the dress a prime option for NYE if you pair with strappy stilettos and delicacy Y-necklace. You’ll def slay in your “new year, same me” Insta with this one.

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