26″ 21 speed classic men’s mountain bike cycling road bicycle double disc brake men & women cycling free shipping



Please Note: 
Because of the new rule of Russia post office, When make an order, Russia customers have to write the Full name (a surname, a name and a middle name), or the packages would be sent back. No full name, we will refuse to send goods out! thanks! 
About Shipping: 
As the bike too large, heavy weight, is wearing product, shipping freight is expensive. 
Sent to Russia, China and Russia we use dedicated land transport, shipping time is about 18-35 days, A long time, relatively cheap shipping, so Free Shipping. 
Sent to other countries through the China Post Air Parcel sea transportation , time is about 50~70 days .Because of the low cost. If you want fast  you can choose FeDex, DHL or UPS to transport time is about 7-15 days, the time is fast, relatively higher shipping cost. 
So need to bear part of the shipping $ 200 – $ 700, more borne by us, a small part of your own commitments. 
About the packing
United States, Canada, Russia, India, Indonesia, Singapore, these countries, may send a package .
Due to the total weight > 20 kg packing, other countries to buy, need to separate two packages sent .There is a problem, can contact customer service, help you to answer any questions, thank you
About return of goods: 
Our bikes can accept refund returns, within 7 days if you are not satisfied with our bikes, you can return the refund, but you must bear the cost of transportation bike back and forth double entry. (Freight = bike sent to china's freight x 2 = about $ 400- $ 1400). 
Carrying a bike from China to your hometown is a very expensive trival painfully difficult thing, it's the high transportation costs accounts for 3/4 of the bicycle price or more, so please buyer friends understand our work, to support our work and more tolerance.
When the color photography can be a little difference, everything is kind prevail 
If the purchase number much please contact me, I will give you a discount 
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