Car 200W Power Inverter 12v 220v Converter DC 12V to AC 220V 110V Portable Auto Modified Sine Wave USB Charger 12 220 180W 150W



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Car power inverter (DC 12 V to AC 110/220 V)

By Iwellup


Features and specifications:

• Product: 200 W car power inverter
• Used: In-car use. notebook laptop, tablet, DVD player, digital camera, etc.
• Input voltage range: DC 12 V
• Output voltage: AC 110/220 V±10%
• Output frequency: 50 Hz (47 – 55 Hz)
• Input current: 8.3A
• Output current: 0.45A
• Output waveform: Modified sine wave
• Over heat protection: 65℃
• Low battery cut-off: 10 V
• High battery cut-off:15 V
• Unload current: Less than 0.4A
• Conversion efficiency: >85%
• Continues AC output power: 200 W
• Peak power: 400 W
• Suitable for: 150/180/100/75 W

1) Check the voltages of your battery: Compatible with electronic equipment, laptops, etc.
2) Take into account that it is only for 12 volts, not 24 volts.
3) Switch off or remove the switch before leaving the car to conserve battery power.
4) Please note that the cooling fan emits a little noise when operating the unit.
5) ​Use your 110/220 V devices on a 12 V source only.

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DC 12 V to AC 110/220 V (optional)

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• Short circuit protection
• Overload protection
• Overcurrent protection
• Overvoltage protection
• Low voltage protection
• High temperature protection

Key features:
• Multi-protection for your safety
• All-metal durable housing
• Compact lightweight & portable
• 110/220 V AC outlet
• Fast charging USB 2.1A

Consumer electronics

Free gift

1) US socket
2) Aluminum alloy body
3) LED power indicator
4) 110/220 V, AC 50 Hz outlet
5) 2.1A USB charging port
6) Cigarette lighter


Small as a credit card

electronic equipment

Wide compatibility

1) Phone
2) Tablet
3) Camera
4) Computer
5) Speaker
6) VCR
7) Shaver
8) TV


Silver (one USB)

Personal computing

Silver (one USB), red (two USB)

1) 110/220 V AC outlet
2) Fast charging USB 2.1A

• Fast charging
• Multi-protection for your safety
• All-metal durable housing
• Compact lightweight & portable

Consumer electronics

Smaller than cellphone


If you have this socket, you can use more devices on it

electronic equipment

Red model has 2 USB ports


Package contents

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Consumer electronics

Quality is very stable

The best 200 W car power inverter


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