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Public lands agency changes website from family visiting a park to a giant pile of coal

The new homepage of the BLM, showing a giant coal stratum .

Image: blm.gov

Even the smallest of symbolic details can’t escape the changes of life in Trump’s America. The government agency responsible for overseeing a staggering 258 million acres of country, including ecologically indispensable management countries, has changed the portrait on its homepage from a scenic common vista to a massive, towering heap of coal.

The website change, which happened in the past 24 hours, is in keeping with the Trump administration’s push to drill for petroleum, natural gas, and minerals on public lands.

The new painting at the top of the place appears to be from Peabody Energy, via Wikimedia Commons. This page identifies it as “an 80 foot coal stratum at the North Antelope Rochelle open gash coal excavation, ” and was taken in 2004.

The Bureau of Land Management( BLM ), which is part of the Interior Department, is the lesser-known management agency whose immense country holdings take up about one-eighth of the United States, specially across the West. When most people think about management countries, they think of national park, which are also housed within the same cabinet agency.

What the BLM homepage looked like on April 5, 2017.

Image: internet wayback machine

But BLM oversees national tombstones, national management countries, wilderness countries, and 5,761 miles of national scenic and historic lines, in addition to 2,400 miles of wild and scenic creeks, among other areas.

The bureau likewise oversees about 700 million acres of subsurface minerals, which account for about 40 percent of U.S. coal production.

By putting up a coal photo, the BLM is simply showcasing another aspect of its wide-ranging duty, Paul Ross, a spokesman for the Interior Department, said in an email. He clarified that Interior Department bureaus and agencies succeed their content separately from the prime department’s accounts.

“We praise their ability in getting their theme out, ” Ross mentioned. He added that Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke “has made it clear that he will manage our public lands is in keeping with President Teddy Roosevelt’s mixed use doctrine, where development of our national resources is done in a way that balances management and public access.”

Travis Nichols, a spokesperson for environmental radical Greenpeace, said the photo-swap still can’t delete the facts of the case that U.S. states and non-eu countries are steadily ditching coal-fired power plant in favor of cheaper natural gas and increasingly affordable renewable energy.

Image: force datum administration

“Putting a giant heap of coal on the BLM page won’t bring back coal activities … or move our required transition to a clean force economy any quicker, ” he said in an email. “Empty hopes and PR won’t change the facts of the case that the world has moved on from soiled polluting coal power.”

The website change is a temporary move, with other placard epitomes to emanate during the course of the administration, but it’s noteworthy, if simply because it throws the Trump administration’s staunchly pro-fossil fuels energy policy into stark relief.

“As part of the BLM’s transition to a new website intend, we will be regularly revolving the banner with photos that reflect the many uses our public lands have to offer, ” a BLM spokesperson mentioned. “Tomorrow[ April 7 ], the second photo in our rotation will be posted, showing hobby on public lands.”

Secretary Zinke, who hails from Montana, a coal-producing government, has moved to cancel a moratorium of leasing petroleum and coal drilling rights on public properties, as well as its evaluation of the leasing curriculum. Environmentalists are challenging these policy decisions on procedural and other fields, with the issues likely to be settled in courts.

Under the Obama administration, the Interior Department put in place a moratorium on new coal rentals on public properties in 2016. More importantly, it also propelled an environmental review of the entire leasing curriculum, partly to determine if it obligated economic sense for taxpayers( but likewise, if it was in line with the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to combat global warming ). That examine was slated to be completed in 2019 or later.

“American energy dominances “the member states national” and local economies. But for too many local communities, force on public properties has been more of a missed opening and has failed to include local consultation and partnership, ” Zinke said at the ceremony differentiating the move to overrule the Obama administration’s policy.

The BLM likewise leases properties for renewable energy installings, such as gale and solar power, but the size of these operations sallow in comparison to the fossil fuel footprint on public lands.

This story was modernized April 6, 2017, at 1:25 p.m. EDT to include explains from Greenpeace. It was modernized at 3 p. m. EDT to include a response from the Interior Department .

Editor’s Greenback: The headline of this story was modified at 5 p. m. EDT to elucidated an “Interior Dept. agency” changed its website , not the “Interior Dept.”

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