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Quit single-use plastic for good with this collapsible water bottle that shrinks to fit in your pocket

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Giving up single-use plastic products like straws and water bottles is an admirable stunt, and probably something that much more people would do if it was more convenient. As it is about to change, it only might be thanks to the Kickstarter project HYDAWAY.

HYDAWAY is a collapsible water bottle which has been upgraded from its original prototype, this time with even more game-changing aspects, shaping it easier than ever to that will leave you pretty much no excuse not to trench the disposables.

If you’ve ever tried to travel with a non-disposable water bottle, you’ve probably noticed how it’s not exactly convenient to lug around a clunky, hollow cylinder in-between refills. Unless you’re forever carrying a knapsack or purse big enough to fit the temporarily useless debris of room that is your aluminum water bottle, you’re pretty much stuck carrying it around or forgetting it somewhere.

With HYDAWAY , that’s absolutely no truth to the rumors. The collapsible , non-toxic water bottle is made from food-grade silicone and BPA free plastic and holds either 18 or 28 ounces of liquid when amply expanded. Once you booze your sea, HYDAWAYwill collapse into a flat disc that’s merely an inch and a half high when laid flat. Voila. Your regular-sized water bottle is now compact enough to fit in your pocket.
Hydaway collapsible water bottle

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“I started this project[ to] reduced in plastic garbage brooks on our planet and supply a more convenient solution for hydrating on the go.”

“I came up with the concept while traveling as a freelance product developer, ” says HYDAWAY founder Niki Singlaub. “Trying to stay hydrated in different countries, climates, and altitudes, while spending hour both in business fulfills and in the mountains inspired the idea.”

The first version of HYDAWAY was published in 2015 and, in accordance with their page, has since prevented over 1,100 metric tons of plastic litter from reaching our oceans, streets, and landfills.

“I started this project with two objectives in intellect, ” says Singlaub. “Help reduce plastic waste rivers on our planet and provide a more convenient answer for hydrating on the go, especially while traveling.”

With the help of recommendations from HYDAWAY’s most loyal and enthusiastic prevailing clients, Singlaub and his squad set out to create an even better HYDAWAY. Thus, the new version, AKA the H2. 0( get onto ?) was born.
Hydaway collapsible water bottle food-grade silicone


The new HYDAWAY now comes in two sizes: an 18 -ounce alternative and a 28 -ounce option. The larger sizing is great for when you’re doing something outdoorsy( like hiking, camping, traveling) and need to stay hydrated. HYDAWAY is now likewise lighter and even slimmer than the original( without sacrificing collapsibility) and is reportedly even easier to expand due to a more ergonomic layout. New lid alternatives are available, so you can choose between the original streamlined cap lid and drink straight from the bottle, or get the improved gush lid, which we reckon would be great to employ at the gym or any time you’re( literally) on the run.

But perhaps the biggest upgrade to the HYDAWAYis the fact that it now has filters .

“Our brand-new carbon filters integrate with the new spout lid to remove tastes and odors from airport water fill stations.”

“Airport travelers have been key patrons of ours since day 1 and our brand-new carbon filters integrate with the brand-new gush lid to remove savours and odors from airfield sea fill stations, ” says Singlaub.

Basically, the creators over at HYDAWAY have virtually eliminated any justification we’d have for caving to the pressures of the sea vending machine, including the old-time “it takes better” pretext.

As for its reception? People are fairly pumped about it, to say the least. The Kickstarter campaign reached its funding aim of $20,000 in — wait for it — 18 hours. It’s since outperformed that goal by over $120 K and counting.
Hydaway collapsible water bottle

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If you’d like to hop in on specific actions and back development projects, the good news is you still can. A pledge of $21 or more will get you your own HYDAWAY at a discounted price, should it go into make, with added perks like trip cases and additional bottles the more you donate.

Even if you lend less than $21, you can still pat yourself on the shoulder knowing you contributed to a good cause, especially since HYDAWAY donates a portion of their campaign funds to no2plastics. org, which is an organization dedicated to reducing our dependence on single-use plastics.

So if you’re looking to add some accessibility to your travellings while also supporting a healthier planet, you are able to back the project here.

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