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Save Battery Power: 7 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Phone’s Battery Life

We don’t go anywhere without our telephones these days, but we do often leave home without a charger. This can lead to the inevitable” Oh shit” moment.Later in the day, when you’re enjoying your sixth happy hour liquor, or your crew has decided to make an impromptu weeknight camping escapade, you check your phone: 30 percentage battery life. Oh shit.

When you need your phone to last-place a few( or a few dozen) more hours, it can send you into panic mode. Luckily, today there are a number of ways you can avoid that momentor pinch “the worlds largest” out of your phone’s abating battery level.

How to save battery power

Before you’re in battery trouble

If your phone is dying on a regular basis, it’s time for a lifestyle change. You need to put your phonein acharging caseor stowed a battery pack in your handbag. Jackery’s pocket-size portable charger can charge your iPhone 7 four times before necessity a recharge itself( and costs under $30 ). Mophie also offers a variety of accusing jam-packs and specimen for iPhone and Samsung phone owners. There are also purses and baggages with chargers built-in. If you have a tendency to go on impromptu overnight or weekend tours, grabbing one of these optionsin the long runwill be far more handy and little traumatic than digging around for your accusing cable.

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Jackery phone charger

When you need your battery to lastnow

OK, that’s well and good, butyou’ve got less than 50 percent battery and zero ways to accusation it in the foreseeable future. Here’s what you should do when you’re in a pinch.

1) Switch on Low Power Mode( iOS) or Battery Saver( Android)

As soon as you’re able, psyche to your smartphone’s settings and switch on Battery Saverif you’re on an Android device or Low Power Modeif you’re on iOS. What these settings do is switch off featuresthat gradually sip away at your phone’s battery in the background. This includes email fetching, automatic app downloads, spot business, and some screeneffects. Alternatively, you are able to psyche into your phone’s settings and disable these thoughts on your own or only for select apps you won’t be necessity for the coming few hours.

2) Move down your phone’s brightness

Your phone’s beautiful, pixel-packed flaunt is also one of its most notorious battery swine. When my battery life is low, I prefer to switch off Auto Brightness and instead manually adjust the brightness as low-grade as possible. Avoid using your phone in bright sunlight or other situations where you need screen brightness at full blast to see what’s on the flaunt.( So if you’reoutdoors, stick to controlling your phone in the color .)


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