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Skier miraculously uninjured after skiing off 150-foot cliff

“Turns out I am afraid of heights.”

Skier Devin Stratton managed to ski himself off of an unmarked 150 -foot cliff last week inthe backcountry of the Wasatch Range in Utah, and escaped without so much as a bruise.

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Stratton was capturing his run utilizing a GoPro attributed to his helmet, contributing “the worlds” a first party POV of what it looks like when you inadvertently find yourself skiing off a cliff. According to an interview with the Washington Post , he rarely wears the camera, but for some reason he threw it on for this run.

In the time, Stratton can be seen thumping fresh pulverize with some nearby leads. A few ski trails in the snow to be translated into a small mountain, but Stratton doesn’t notes the fact that they are no longer before it’s too late and he’s going over.

Stratton shifts his organization as he’s descending and had managed to land on his back. According to the Post , Stratton ascribes the two feet of fresh pulverize and his packed knapsack for cushioning his fall.

I immediately was just thinking about my cousin who was[ left a] quadriplegic from a car accident and remember, Im gonna be paralyzed, Stratton told The Post. And then when I saw how big-hearted the cliff was when I was going over the edge, I thought I was dead for sure.

After descending, Stratton yelled to his sidekick, who fortunately did not realise the same misconception. The two then researched for nearly five hours to situated Stratton’s lost ski, and then moved their path down the mountain.

Regardless, Stratton schemes on skiing again. Maybe with a bit more caution.

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