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Sony’s giant motion-sensing dome is really weird and still totally rad

Image: sony

Three-sixty videos are okay but you know what’s attains them road road better? Watching them on a monstrous motion-sensing dome. Seriously.

After trying out Sony’s “Immersive Space Entertainment” concept I can safely say that watching 360 -videos on a monstrous projection dome in a motion-sensing chair is by far the coolest road to watch spherical video.

Sony was demoing the tech at its “Wow Factory” exhibition at SXSW the coming week alongside a consignment of other dopey and funny tech from its research labs. But the projection dome happening( it’s so experimental Sony apparently doesn’t yet have an actual refer for it yet) was by far my favorite of all the demos.

The dome gives two 4k projectors. The two estimates are “blended, ” according to the Sony rep I talked to, so you can’t discern where 1 starts and the other begins. In all such cases, if there was any observable point where the two estimates overlapped, I couldn’t see it.

But the most impressive part is how you “steer” the 360 -video: by swiveling around in the chair. The accompanying chair is equipped with motion sensors so that as you transform the video displacements to correspond to your movements.

Image: karissa buzzer/ mashable

While maybe not as immersive as deeming 360 -videos in a VR headset, there’s something undeniably cool about watching a huge 4k projection that responds to your moves. It too eliminates the question of motion sickness which is a huge problem for some( myself included) when using a VR headset.

The dome’s utility isn’t limited to 360 -degree videos either. Aside from the videos, the company showed off a “cyber gym” concept where the dome was paired to a stationary bicycle. Like the chair, the motorcycle was equipped with motion sensors. As you pedaled, you would lean in different directions to try and “steer” toward onscreen targets.

They too had the dome set up to act as music visualizer which was the least impressive of its gives but still more rad than most music visualizers.

Of trend , none of this is in any way practical( and the whole setup is probably expensive af) but this only a concept, after all, so it may never make it out of Sony’s research labs regardless. A girlfriend can reverie though, right?

Read more: http :// mashable.com/ 2017/03/ 14/ sony-3 60 -videos-dome /

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