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Tesco customers go bananas over price hike

Canary wharf Image copyright Tesco

Supermarket chain Tesco has angered shoppers in its inner-city stores by hiking the cost of individual bananas.

The retailer has stopped charging by weight and is instead charging by single banana, meaning the cost of each yellow fruit has more than doubled at its Tesco Metro and Express stores.

The price rise, from around 10 p-1 5p to 25 p, has led to a flood of angry complaints on social media.

The grocer blameds the increase on “more expensive” leases.

The move, first reported in the Mirror, means clients were paying 76 p per kilogram at Tesco Metro stores, which worked out to about 10 -1 5p per banana depending on the size. The new 25 p price means some bananas cost more than twice as much now.

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