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The Definitive Ranking Of Reese Witherspoon’s 10 Best Movies

In honour of the majesty that was , we need to just take a moment to appreciate the queen the hell is Reese Witherspoon. You may be asking, like, wait, is Reese even a betch? She seems kind of nice girl-ish to me. But while Reese may be super nice, she’s no basic nice girlfriend. She gave us so she’s grandfathereder grandmothered? in in the working group. Kind of like how Rachel McAdams seems like she is mostly a narc in real life but she played Regina George so she is automatically betchy forever. It’s like, a betchiness lifetime acheivement gift or something. Reese’s contributions to the genre precisely cannot be ignored. So, in honor of all of the acheivements Reese has made to amplify the articulations of betches everywhere( not that “weve been” need it but whatever) we’ve conveniently ranked her excellent work.

What, like it’s hard?

10. ‘Hot Pursuit’

You maybe forgot that this movie even exists or precisely had it really confused with another female buddy-cop movie like or that one with Melissa McCarthy and the person from. But this is an actual movie starring Reese Witherspoon and Sophia Vergara and it came out in 2015. Let’s just say, the reviews were no longer great. It tallied a whopping 7 percentage on Rotten Tomatoes. Not your best effort, girlfriend.

9. ‘Pleasantville’

Tobey Maguire performances Reese’s weird brother who is obsessed with a Tv present from the 50 s, so much so that he gets them both caught in the black-and-white nature of the present. Tobey’s character was surely one of those Make America Great Again characters who, when actually sent back in time, realized that despite being straight white male, the 1950 s fucking sucked. Perhaps we can do this for the Trump adherents ?? Somebody get to work on this. Anyway, Reese played Tobey’s slutty sister who fucked shit up by opening these 1950 s dudes’ sees to the speculates of sex. But then in some Freaky Friday -esque turn, Tobey ceases up realise modern times are better and Reese recognises she’d instead be stuck in the 50 s. was an enjoyable movie and I’ve investigated it like six durations with my family, so it’s not Reese’s worst movie, but her persona actually does a reverse translation from a betch into a nice girlfriend which I do not appreciate in any way. Ninth place.

8. ‘Election’

Reese starrings as the iconic Tracey Flick who, though she was a dork, was kind of a ruthless betch who stopped at nothing to reach her goal of becoming student form chairman. It’s basically 90 s movie gold. That hot-ish person from the movies is in it more. Anyway, Tracey is so driven and entitled that she drives one of her schoolteachers literally insane, a convict that could also describe my high school knowledge. Reese might be annoying AF in this movie, but in genuine betch manner, she gets her route in the end. Still, I don’t believe anybody saw this movie, and I had to Google it to make sure this wasn’t the one where Will Ferrell and Zack Galifinakis are running for political power against each other, which adds a lot about the lasting superpower of the movie IMO.

7. ‘Wild’

Sure, is a movie about hiking, which I symbolize, gross, but regardless, it’s still watchable. And “its been” maybe nominated for an Oscar, unless I’m precisely acquiring that up? Based on Cheryl Strayed’s book of the same refer, we follow Reese on members of the mission of an independent-woman-who-don’t-need-no-man hiking the Pacific Coast Trail. And now I’m going PTSD flashbacks, ugh. Where this film beats out Julia Roberts’ self-indulgent pasta-fest, though, is that Reese’s character swears a lot and ceases up shedding a pair of ugly boots off a cliff. I symbolize, if I was forced to hike for more than three minutes I would do the exact same circumstance. Don’t gave me down for hiking, I’d legit instead be chewed by a permit.

6. ‘This Means War’

Was this her excellent effort? Of direction not, but I had to include it on the directory because what isn’t betchy about two really fucking hot CIA agents fighting over you? Especially if one of those busters is Chris Pine. I symbolize, really. Too, Chelsea Handler played her best friend in this movie. Every betch should have Chelsea Handler as a best friend. Not a great movie, but something you are able surely watch on a hungover Sunday morning, entailing it delivers the Betchdel test.

5. ‘American Psycho’

Did you forget Reese is in this movie? Yeah, probs. DW about it, Reese maybe forgot she was in this movie, more. She has a minor role as one of Patrick Bateman’s posh Manhattanite girlfriends, which we certainly connect with on a personal grade. Spoiler alert, she doesn’t get murdered in the movieanother plus. In information, I believe she might be in perhaps two incidents. Nonetheless, has had kind of a rebirth latelypossibly because of Scott Disick’s physical and psychological resemblance to Patrick Bateman, or the fact that the designation can also serve as a two-word biography of our current presidentso this seems like a good time to mention that Reese is not merely in it, but seemed like a pretty decent competition for Christian Bale in that role.

4. ‘Walk The Line’

The role of June Carter payed Reese an Oscar. That’s right, her portraying of Elle Woods wasn’t the persona that acquired her the hardware. Shame. Anyway, props to her for acquiring an gift and getting to hang out with Joaquin Phoenix before he got all spooky. Even as a brunette, we can still get behind her being the apple of a phony Johnny Cash’s eye. Like, also, of course she knows how sing. Because Reese Witherspoon is basically perfect, and why would you think otherwise?

3. ‘Cruel Intentions’

This was likely one of the first rated R movies you wanted to see. Sure, you are able watch an edited form on Tv, but it really leaves out some of the good substance, includes the crazed quantity of affirming these presumed high schoolers do. If you didn’t believe Ryan Phillipe was hot as shit in this movie, who even are you? He was the tycoon of fuckboys, but still hot. Aparently Reese thought he was alright more because they intent up are married. Too, that caress between Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair was iconic. So yeah, even though Reese is kind of certain designated “nice girl” of this film, Reese to selflessly assume that persona so that everything of SMG’s betchiness could be truly acknowledged. It’s like how only once you know darkness can you genuinely realize the illuminate, or some shit.

2. ‘Sweet Home Alabama’

Once again, Reese ascertains herself in a enjoy triangle between two really hot busters, one of which is McDreamy himself. I lately watched this film because it was on, and let me just tell you, the plot gap are reasonably glaringbut, for some reason, it’s still good. Reese plays an up-and-coming fashion designer in New York City( because that’s an easy enough task to get) who gets participated and is forced to go back to her hometown in Alabama to finalise a divorce with her high school BF and explain to their own families why she hasn’t been answering any of their calls for a decade. But, plot turn, their own families still cherishes her and her ex husband has become both hot and wealthy. Then Reese is faced with the classic predicament: Can a woman be hot, rich, and southern all at once?( SPOILER ALERT: she knows how ).

1. ‘Legally Blonde’

This is in the betch gun of classic movies so is it even any fucking surprise that this is Reese’s excellent effort? Let’s feign like all of those shitty sequels didn’t exist if we are to be able precisely places great importance on the real floor of Bruiser and Elle Woods. In instance you forgot, they’re both gemini vegetarians and maybe the two betchiest to ever listen Harvard. Who among us hasn’t been encouraged them to do something crazy after a breakup? Given, going to statute academy isn’t necessarily as self-destructive as chopping all your hair off, but still. This movie is responsible for so many astonishing texts that can be quoted in almost all curcumstances that it’s hard to even pick precisely one, and there is no way Elle wasn’t immediately held liable for Harvard being submerge with sweet-scented resume and poolside video applications. Like I read, it’s difficult to nail down precisely one moment from this film to leave you with. The bend and click? The playboy bunny Gloria Steinem costume? The time when she saves Paulette’s dog employing legal jargon? No. Instead i’ll leave you with one of the film’s most iconic texts, which will be used as an example of rock solid logic for years to come 😛 TAGEND

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