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The forgotten story of … Dario Dubois, Argentinas face-painted footballer | Simon Burnton

When he was on the lurch he wore garish face decorate, when he was off it he played in rock-and-roll bandings and induced debate, but Dubois was a popular figure in Buenos Aires football in the 1990 s before assembling an premature death

It gives you energy, Dario Dubois once spoke of his unusual pre-match rite. You coat your face, you go to war and you kill your rivals.

For a while Dubois, a centre-back who did the rounds of Argentinas lower leagues for a decade or so, extended the full Kiss pre-match, embracing his face and cervix with black and white make-up before taking to the field. On one party “hes to” knock on the referees door before kick-off and ask if it “wouldve been” OK to use his mirror to relate the decorate, as the away teams dressing room didnt have one. He observed the war paint had the triple welfare of clearing him more fearless, clearing adversaries more fear, and giving himself more recognition. Im simply a jester with a painted face but one who is ready to die for his shirt, he said.

Dubois was the long-haired rocker category, crowding some of his free time by invited to participate in not one but three bandings, one a tribute deed that enveloped ballads by ex-serviceman Argentinian rockers Vox Dei At first we called it Dubois Dei, but now its called Tributo Rock, he said one called Corre Guachin, which played a modified, grungy, electronic version of the conventional Colombian folk music cumbia ( a style that received from the street of Argentinas shanties and is known as cumbia villera ) and, most preposterous of all, a tribute band dedicated to the beauties of Reef, the Somerset-based group that scored a couple of top 10 reaches, most notably with Place Your Hands, in the mid-9 0s.

And Dubois was also an all-round character. In the pre-face decorate daylights he told a narration of being stopped before a game by board of directors of his line-ups adversaries and informed that he would get a small currency bonus if he let them triumph. Dubois spat in “the mens” face and told him to snack grass, eventually announcing him a bastard rat in the local media.

On another party he was playing for Lugano when a team sponsor failed to pay a promised win bonus, so he enveloped their emblem, and indeed most of his shirt, in silt before their next tournament kicked off. Then there was the game between Midland and Excursionistas in which he was cast off for a second bookable offence simply for the ref, on taking the yellow-bellied card from his pocket, to send a 500 peso tone collapsing to the dirt. Dubois picked it up, announced to the official that this is for the prize money youve stolen from me with this red card, you son of a bitch, and sprinted with it towards the dressing room, pursued by the ref, resisting players and miscellaneous coaching faculty( he eventually devoted it back, afraid that the penalty for pocketing it would vastly outweigh the potential benefit ).

His commitment to his footballing vocation was admirable, considering the fact that he didnt even like football. I dont like playing, he spoke. I do it because its competitive and I get to invest my experience grooming. I dont eat blood-red meat, I dont drink booze or do drugs. Ive never done any of those things. I play football. And the few pennies I get for playing come in handy my financial place is disastrous. This certainly appeared to be true, and when he wasnt grooming or rock, Dubois would give a little extra money selling fragrance and hippie invests from street stalls.

It was the face decorate that realized him absolutely notorious, at least among admirers of the regions lower-division football in Buenos Aires. In all he made 146 looks for Yupanquie, Lugano, Deportivo Laferrere, Deportivo Riestra, Canuelas, Deportivo Paraguyo, Victoriano Arenas and Ferrocarril Midland, which is where he was based when he slam crest notoriety, in May 1999.

The other players think its funny, he held, when asked about his makeup. Theres anything about it in the rule book, but if it hurt the team Id stop, because although there are I dont like football, I am a fan of Midland.

Midland werent such a fan of him. A couple of weeks after he devoted that interrogation, they told him to find another team. It simply cant carry on, announced their chairwoman, Rodolfo Marchioni. Hes been clowning around for the last month and a half. Dubois countered that Marchioni was just jealous that Im going all the press notice, and turned up at their next tournament offering to play barefaced. He was told to sit in the stands. The then tutor, Jorge Canova, told him it would be very difficult to stay at the club.

In the summer of 1999 he spoke about a possible is making an effort to jump-start his footballing vocation in Portugal, though his main motive appeared to have come from speaking that Mario Jardel and Ljubinko Drulovic, then of Porto, had coated their faces blue and lily-white before their squads final tournament of the season against Estrela Amadora without going penalized. Nothing returned of it. Instead, somehow, he resurrected his vocation at Midland, abiding there until 2002.

It likely facilitated that there soon was something about it in the rule book, the AFA decides how Dubois and his face coats were bad for the image of the fourth discord, and additionally that we are able to make it hard for refs to distinguish players. Well, what can you say, spoke Dubois, reacting to the judgment. Thanks to the AFA for substantiating on a daily basis all aspects of good management and for has become a glinting exemplar of total credibility.

In March 2002, during a game against Liniers, Dubois collided with an opponent and was knocked unconscious. He was rushed to hospital with premier hurts, a bleeding in the fucking ear and seizure trends, the game vacated. After leaving hospital a few weeks eventually he deplored that the AFA and Agremiados[ Argentinas PFA, Futbolistas Argentinos Agremiados] are all a knot of rats. Fortunately Im OK, but I virtually expired on the lurch and they did nothing to assist. I thank these great institutions for not being there when I necessity them.

It was perhaps unwise for him to speak out. Two year later, while playing for Victoriano, he disabled a cruciate ligament and though their own problems could have been ameliorated with routine surgery, he could not afford it. He applied to the AFA for assistance, but it altered him down. His vocation was over.

In 1999 he had been asked if “hes having” a blueprint for his retirement. I like golf, but Im no good, he spoke. At the moment Im a musician and a footballer. If in the future I have to work as a lease son in a lesbian whorehouse, thats what Ill do. There was, in the end , no need for that: in retirement he continued to play music and worked on the mixing table of a saloon and concert hall in Isidro Casanova, a suburbium of Buenos Aires.

Dubois was cycling residence from work with his lover in March 2008 when he was ambushed by robbers, who took his motorcycle, his backpack and his mobile phone and filmed him in the leg and gut. He expired two weeks later, aged 37. He is recollected for the preposterous fables that decorated his playing vocation, and for the tragedy of his premature death; for the weepings and the clown.

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