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The Super Blood Wolf Moon Comedown: Weekend Horoscopes January 25-27 Betches

This week we’re all coming down from the Super Blood Wolf Moon‘s affects( btw there was a Super Blood Wolf Moon) and you’re going to have to be careful if you want to strike the right balance of party energy, and not ruining your life energy. Here’s what the stars have to say about whether or not you should take that last shot of tequila.


What happens when an Aries stops being polite and starts getting real? You’re about to find out. This weekend you’re not in the mood to be nice or apologize for sh* t, so just warn your friends ahead of time that there might be drama at the club. Woooooorrrrldstarrrrrr!


You’re in the mood for a solo adventure this weekend, Taurus, so embrace it. Throw your group converse on mute and do some sh* t for yourself. Hiking, going to a museum, browse, or just rewatching both Fyre Fest docs are all on the table. Just is ensured to post to Insta Story so people know you’re not dead.


You want to be romanced this weekend, Gemini, and that’s going to take finessing. If you’re in such relationships, start dropping subtle indications( i.e demanding) your significant other scheme a date night. I’m talking some Bachelor degree sh* t like a private helicopter, roses everywhere, and an limitless wine saloon. If you’re single, time to call in the reinforcements( aka that one coworker you know is in love with you) and see if you can’t at the least get your dinner paid for.


Exciting news: you will not be spending this weekend glued to your couch recovering from a hangover or was seeking to muster up the energy going to go to work on Monday. You’re feeling motivated to do stuff this weekend, stimulating the the perfect time to check in on those 2019 aims. You are paying for that gym membership, after all.


You’re in the mood to be extra and implore for attention this weekend, Leo. I entail, you’re always kind of in that feeling, but more so now. Try to figure out a route to do this that won’t annoy the sh* t out of everyone around you. Karaoke is a good outlet, but for the desire of God, please don’t post your singing to Insta Story.


Beware, Virgo–you’re in danger of catching feelings! Proceed with carefulnes. Is this dude genuinely “The One” or is he simply “The One Who’s Buying You A Drink Right Now”? Not saying you can’t still go home with him, merely maybe hold off on the matching tattoos.


It’s time to let some sh* t move this weekend, Libra. Whether it be the person you’re only texting because they’ve got a nice apartment, the “friend” who never Venmos you back, or only a toxic Slack channel, it’s time to shed those who aren’t serving you. You won’t miss them, but they’ll def miss you.


Hope your bank account is in a good place right now, Scorpio, because you’ve got the exhort to splurge. Do you need a define of jade and rose quartz face rollers? Perhaps. What’s the definition contained in “need” anyway? WebMD says it helps with anxiety and you have anxiety, so proceed to checkout!


You simply wanna make out with someone this weekend, Sagittarius and ain’t nothin’ incorrect with that. If you already have someone in their own lives that you like to make out with, find a way to be in the same place as them. If you don’t, run grab your “I want to make out” outfit and let the universe do the rest.


You know that amazing feeling you get right after canceling schemes? Well that’s your vibe this weekend, Capricorn. Envision up your condones now and get ready to send your “omg I’m sooo sick” texts a respectable 1-2 hours before.


Hit up your favorite group chat and plan a brunch because you’re in the mood for some time with the squad. When was the last time you all got together and went crazy? Last weekend? Whatever, do it again!


You have the very random( but likewise very useful) recommend to get your finances in order this weekend. Considering how rare this feeling is, use this opportunity to induce that spreadsheet, dig up those age-old receipts, and maybe actually be ready by the time taxation season comes around.

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