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This Couple’s Proposal Went So Horribly Wrong They Had To Call 911 Betches

A marriage proposal is( I presuppose) a stressful thing. Beyond the fear of being rejected, there’s the pressure to make it a Big Memorable Moment. This past week, one couple moved a hair too far in their seek of an epic proposal–ending in a 911 bellow and paramedics being involved. Read on for a point-by-point guide on how NOT to stage your recommendation. IDGAF how good that “top of the mountain” Insta seems to you.

This < s> fairytale intrigue f* cking tragedy begins with the couple, Joshua Mason( 27) and Katie Davis( 28 ), flying to Denver for an eight-mile hike. Seems like a trip-up I’d break up with someone for booking, but k. Apparently, Mason craved a “scenic location’ away from any other people’ to propose, ” a quote that ultimately attains me happy this story doesn’t concluded with Davis being murdered in the woods. Formerly they reached the place he had in mind–on a virtually 13,000 foot peak, because why TF not–Mason get down on one knee, and Davis said yes.

At this point, things unraveled at an alarming rate. They’d get a late start, and it was starting to get nighttime. They had no equipment or water for the purposes of an overnight stand , no cell service because they were on the top of a mountain, and no thought where they were. And this, my friends, is the exact reason I will never go camping. Also, never mind how pissed I would be that my lover planned a suggestion at the end of an elaborate hike–he also didn’t well known to get home or deliver enough sea ?? If you’re going to drag someone to a secluded cliff to get the proposal you dreamed of, the very least you can do is have an exit strategy, MASON.

Luckily, another hiker detected these two geniuses and delivered them to a nearby camping ground. Since the couple was showing signs of altitude sickness and dehydration( is this what you always “ve been dreaming about”, Mason? Is it just what you hoped it would be ?), another camper hiked so far to get cell services and called 911. Side note that I am super uncomfortable with how far away they were from cell service. Like , not just one hike, but SEVERAL hikes. Why is that even legal ?? Paramedics got to the couple at 4:30 am and instantly moved them to a lower altitude to recuperate. They got back to the trail manager around 6:30, at which point “Mason acknowledged that he did not allow enough time to complete the hike before darknes, and they did not carry enough sea or food.” Yeah , no sh* t.

Anyway, the takeaway here is pretty simple. Hiking is frightful Don’t stage your proposal somewhere that requires equipment to survive, and for god’s sake, do it somewhere with cell service. I wish a lifetime of happy to Mason and Davis–a lifetime that, thankfully, was not cut short due to this bro’s inability to plan.

Image: Nathan Dumlao/ Unsplash

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