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Three detained after London-bound easyJet flight diverts to Germany

Pilot on flight from Ljubljana induced unscheduled stop after learning of men speak about terrorist topics and luggage was later destroyed

Three male fares have been detained in Cologne after their easyJet flight fasten from Ljubljana in Slovenia to London made a diverted disembark, German police have said.

The aircraft property in Cologne after passengers reported that the men speak to me terrorist questions, according to the statement. The servicemen were not marked.

Police carried out security checks of the aircraft and questioned fares after all 151 on board were evacuated safely from the Airbus 319 using emergency slithers, the airport said in a statement on its website.

Six aircraft were diverted via other airfields as a result of the police investigation, international airports added. It alleged air traffic was altered for several hours as a result of the incident.

Federal police seized a knapsack that belonged to one of the men and blew it up outside the aircraft, police remarked. They demonstrated no information on its contents and articulated officials continued to investigate.

The humankinds continued to be questioned late on Saturday evening. Other passengers were also being questioned, police pronounced.

A police statement said the three men were being interrogated on the distrust of the purpose of formulating a serious state-threatening violence.

Bild newspaper mentioned a spokesperson for the German federal police as responding the pilot decided to property the aircraft in Cologne after passengers told airline personnel they had heard “the mens” applying messages including rocket and explosive.

An easyJet spokeswoman answered: easyJet can confirm that flight EZY3 246 from Ljubljana to London Stansted diverted to Cologne on Saturday.

The captain took government decisions as a precaution to enable the aircraft to go through additional security checks in Cologne where the aircraft was met by the police. In compliance with the local authorities lead, fares disembarked to allow additional security checks to be performed.

She added the passengers had been given a inn remain for the nighttime and would fly back on Sunday morning.

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