Tips and Tricks on how to make camping fun
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Guidelines on How to Make Camping Fun

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You want to get away for the weekend but are short on cash?

What about going camping? It’s a good and cheap route to get away from all the everyday hustle for a few days. You can go camping anywhere, you basically have a movable home. At first camping sounds uncomfortable and just horrible but with the right essentials and friends you can build yourself an amazing time.

Here are some useful tips-off and tricks to have an amazing day on your camping trip.

1. Sleeping

To have a comfortable and dry night you should obviously bring a waterproof tent. If you don’t want to buy your own tent there are multiple places you can borrow one. Or you can just ask around maybe a friend of yours already has one. Then you will also need a warm and nice sleeping bag. I would recommend to wash it first before you bring it with you. Also, to not be sleeping on the hard ground you have to bring a yoga mat with you. They are light and easy to carry around and softer than the ground.

My top tip-off: You don’t have to bringing a pillow instead you can use your big jumper as one.

2. Clothing

When you go camping you don’t want to bring too many clothes as you will probably firstly not have enough space for them and also you really don’t need that many clothes. You should definitely bring a warm jumper for the cold nights and a pair of comfy leggings. Also bring a few t- shirts with you as you don’t want to be wearing the same one everyday- I mean you don’t necessarily have to be the stinky one of your group. Then of course bring enough underwear and granny’s stitched comfy socks to keep your little feet warm. Bring some pair of flip flops, for you to be the stylish one: wear them with your socks.

A secret tip: roll your clothes to safe space and divide your clothes into little waterproof bags.

3. Hygiene

A very important part for everyone, I guess. Meaning, I actually hope it is important to everyone … So dames, you’ve got to cut down on your beauty essentials( sorry for that ). Bring the essentials merely: Toothpaste, toothbrush, some face wipes as you won’t be able to shower and stock up on your sanitizer game. For the girls under us you can bring mascara, to keep your lashes going and a eyebrow comb, to keep them eyebrows on fleeeek. Other than that your face will thank you for some makeup free time.

Also tip, tip-off: as for towels forget your thick normal ones because the” super dry towels” exist. They dry way faster and are at the same time thin enough to fit into anything.

4. Food& drinks

That should be a crucial thing on your list because how can person have fun without good food and beverages. You should definitely bring one of these portable cookers, a sharp knife and unbreakable dishes( maybe plastic ones ?). Then a top trick is to make a dinner planner beforehand. Prepare easy dishes in tupperware: Some filling salads, already cooked pasta snacks and chicken as you can eat them cold or easily heat them up in your cooker. Also don’t forget your favourite snacks: nuts, lots of chocolate, cookies and fruit. For drinkings bring big gallons of water and for the alcohol( obvs has priority) take some sweet whiskey and red wine with you. They will maintain you warm and are not too tough on your stomach.

Secret tip: be an American for once and try out S’mores! They are melted( very nice on a bonfire) marshmallow with chocolate in between two biscuits. So delishhhh!

5. Other necessities

They can be anything you feel you can’t live without. Bring your maaan or if you don’t have one bring your little teddy bear for an even better night. Another tip of mine is to bring Trick light candles. They are candles that automatically light up again if a wind or annoying friend thinks he is funny and blows them out. Candle are just very helpful when trying to light a flame( of course a lighter should be brought as well ). Another necessity could be a nice- looking picnic blanket where you can eat on. A fairly one will give some style to the camping: Turn your camping into glamping. Usually camping should not get boring but if it does it’s clever to bring some play cards and maybe a ball. The camping could also be your opportunity for a social media detox and to start reading a new book.

The last Tip: get you a friend who plays the guitar. I promise you it will bring your evenings to another chill/ party level.

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Backpack, Backpacks, Rucksack, Camping, Hiking, Hiking Backpack, Outdoor Living, Camping Life, Camping Tricks, Adventure

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